Summer Shoe Trends

Reach new heights this season as a pacesetter for the Summer 2019 shoe trends, looking great and feeling on top of your game in the best men's shoe brands. We're talking CALTO, CALDEN and TOTO, all designed for comfort, confidence and, most important of all, style. is the largest elevator-shoe retailer in North America, boasting the greatest selection of styles anywhere, including the hottest summer styles that allow customers to walk taller and carry an air of confidence that separates the men from the boys.

From an incredible inventory of men's leather sandals that lift the mind, body and your spirits, to super-lightweight, comfortable shoes that will be the envy of everyone at work and coveted again into the late hours, Tall Men Shoes has the best looking, style-setting, height-enhancing men's casual summer shoes for any summer day or night. And being several steps ahead of the latest fashions in men's summer shoes, goes well above and beyond with the comfortable, casual look in our elevator shoes.

Our dress and formal lines of male summer shoes include dozens of elegant, classy options that will allow you to stand above the crowd, look striking yet relaxed and effortlessly dance the night away during the summer wedding season. The same is true for moonlit evenings of classical music in the park, Shakespeare under the stars, champagne and lobster at the beach and any other formal summer galas that your increasing popularity will gain you entry to. If you don't believe it, ask yourself what are the common denominators among Tom Cruise (height: 5'7"), Kit Harrington (height: 5'8") and Lil Uzi Vert (height: 5'3") to name just a few?

Success. Power. Money. Celebrity. Confidence. Happiness. Adoration. Comfort. Shoes. Men. Women. That's right, they look taller than they are because they wear elevator shoes, but more importantly, they feel taller because they wear elevator shoes. It is this feeling that the right shoes will give a man that helps him feel comfortable in his own skin, exuding confidence and self-assuredness and, ultimately, helping him achieve the things he wants out of life.

When you buy a pair of Tall Men Shoes, you are buying into the belief that the shoes help make the man; in this case a tall man brimming with style and confidence, moving about the room assuredly, purposefully, as if there were an energy about him. This is why has been able to achieve heights other brands only dream of.

Since 1999, we have devoted our proudly U.S.-based operations toward improving the lives and lifestyles of more than 100,000 extremely happy, satisfied customers from more than 80 countries around the world. In addition to manufacturing and distributing the best looking, most stylish elevator shoes available, we also pride ourselves on unrivaled customer service that includes same-day shipping, live customer support and easy return policies better than you'll find anywhere else.


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