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The most popular styles from our collection

"How tall is Tom Cruise actually?" you might have asked yourself after reading some Shortest-Men-in-Hollywood-type listicle. You've seen Mission Impossible and Top Gun and wonder what he does to always exude leading-man cool. Hint: It's not just the acting skills - the right shoes are definitely in the picture.

If you've been on the search for a similar level of confidence, turn to Tall Men Shoes' bestselling elevator shoes and boots. We've been at this since 1999, and we're now the largest retailer of elevator shoes in North America. Our success isn't strictly built upon filling a market need. Rather, our proprietary brands CALTO, CALDEN and TOTO all prioritize quality construction and then offer enough room to inconspicuously hide an extra height-boosting layer. There's nothing to see, except for all that confidence you've suddenly gained.

Our Bestselling Elevator Shoes & Boots

Having trouble deciding which men's elevator shoes to order? Start your search in the bestseller section. Out of all of the 600-plus styles we offer, these are the ones that our customers have decided are ideal for what they need. That's not to say our other height-increasing shoes aren't up for the task, because we pride ourselves on holding every piece of footwear to the highest standard. Whatever you order from here, you're getting something that you know will get the job done - even if you've never bought an elevator shoe in your life.

Here, we've put all of our best dress shoes, boots, casual shoes and sneakers in one place for discerning shoppers. You'll find some of our top elevator shoe inserts here, as well. We are the leader for 2.5-inch slip-on boat loafers for casual office environments, five-inch high-top hiking boots for outdoor dates; classic oxfords and brogues with timeless details; and everything in between. While shoe-shopping has long been a frustrating endeavor, you've got options here: sort by size, height increase, color and other features to make your quest easier.

About Tall Men Shoes' Selection

We are the home of CALTO, CALDEN and TOTO elevator shoes that are trusted by people in more than 80 countries. Our selection encompasses casual and active to dressier styles, but all have one distinctive feature - a lift that adds a few inches of height and tons of confidence in the process.

These tall men's shoes for short guys aren't just top-sellers because they are high-quality, however. Amongst the elevator shoe market, we're known for delivering the best value around. We directly manufacture our shoes, which cuts out the middleman, and lets us afford to back them with 110% price protection.

Customer service is another one of our strong spots. Reflecting our commitment to your satisfaction, qualifying orders ship fast and free when they're delivered within the U.S. - and expedited shipping is available as well for immediate needs or last-minute gifts. As another asset setting us apart, live support from real people is a big reason why we have a five-star Shopper Approved rating from our happy customer base.