Height increase insoles vs elevator shoes: which is the best option for you

Height increase insoles vs elevator shoes: which is the best option for you

Men looking to increase their height through their footwear have two established options: height-increasing insoles and elevator shoes. The two are related, but they are not the same thing. Height-increasing insoles are simply insoles made to slip into your shoes and lift your heel an inch or so, while elevator shoes have a height-increase insole built into the shoe, as well as other height-boosting features built into the shoe's design.

At TallMenShoes.com, we offer high-quality versions of both to our customers, because we are all about helping men invest in themselves. So which is best option for you? Let's dive into the differences.

Height-Increase Insoles

Height-increase insoles are made to go inside a pair of your shoes. They offer all the cushion and comfort of standard insoles, but feature a wedge at the heel that can boost your height by up to an inch and a half.

Because they are only the insole, they are less expensive than a pair of elevator shoes. But they cannot go inside just any pair of shoes - they are greatly helped by more height at the back heel. So while they are fine for a pair of boots or most dress shoes, loafers, sandals or anything with a lower heel won't work well with them. This is also why they generally don't boost by more than an inch and a half; increases of 3 inches or more require special construction within the shoe.

Height-boosting insoles may be the best option for people who:

  • Want an inexpensive option for gaining height.
  • Want to enhance or upgrade their favorite high-profile pair of shoes.
  • Want a small height boost of about an inch.
  • Want to explore how it feels to wear elevator shoes before investing in them.

Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes offer several other features, in addition to the height-increasing insoles, that help men stand taller. Those features can result in height boosts of as much as 5 inches.

The height-increasing insoles inside elevator shoes do much of the work, but cleverly designed heels and more can push height even higher. High-quality elevator shoes from TallMenShoes.com are designed to look just like standard shoes, so that no one will ever suspect they have height-increasing properties. And because they are designed as an entire shoe, with all components designed to work together, they look just as fashionable as other popular brands of shoes.

For obvious reasons, the price of elevator shoes runs higher than just insoles - you're buying the whole shoe here. Elevator shoes may be the best option for men who:

  • Are looking for a more significant boost in height.
  • Want shoes that meet their wardrobe needs (from dress shoes to athletic shoes).
  • Are ready to invest in footwear that offers a variety of benefits over standard shoes.

Thousands of Positive Reviews

Whichever option you pick, you can't go wrong with TallMenShoes.com. We have helped thousands of men discover the advantages our elevator shoes and shoe inserts offer, and we have the reviews to prove it. Discover that advantage for yourself. Whether you choose elevator shoes or height-increase insoles, you'll gain confidence with every step.

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