How to customize your height-increasing sneakers with laces and accessories

How to customize your height-increasing sneakers with laces and accessories

We are always watching for the latest trends in footwear, and one of the newest trends involves customizing sneakers with personalized art. We're not talking kids decorating canvas shoes with supplies from the craft store; TikTok and Instagram are filled with influencers and creators turning high-value kicks into walking works of art. It's amazing to watch these trendsetters at work - using an impressive combination of talent and style, they transform their sneakers into bold, one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

But did you know our elevator sneakers can also be customized? In fact, some of our elevator sneakers are basically blank canvasses that you can use to express yourself. Imagine customizing your own sneakers without having to give up your height advantage. It's a double shot of confidence, feeling the extra height and the pride from wearing your own unique sneaks.

Below is a brief breakdown of some of the techniques used by those sneaker artists you'll find online. Take a look at those for inspiration, and then we'll share some fun, easy and non-permanent ways you can customize your own height-boosting sneakers.

Advanced Art

Some sneaker artists create custom sneakers using a combination of marker and acrylic paints on fabric or canvas shoes. Covering a leather shoe with a piece of fabric allows them to use standard acrylic or fabric paints. With strategically placed painters tape on areas they want to alter, they bring their visions to life.

Advanced Deconstruction

This process is not for casual sneaker art enthusiasts! For custom shoes that have all the polish you'd expect from a manufacturer, the sneaker artist must first take them apart. This is important for coloring individual leather trim pieces or panels. They may need a sewing machine stronger than your average Singer, but it can be done. (Heck, there's even a pro who teaches classes in several major cities.)

Customizing Sneakers with Laces and Accessories

Assuming you don't want to paint or deconstruct your elevator sneakers (and frankly, we don't recommend it!), there are still fun things you can do to give your elevator shoes some extra style.

One of the easiest things you can do is to throw on a new pair of laces. The different colors can make a neutral pair of sneakers pop, and it's simple and fun to swap laces out for a color that matches your outfit, or just lets the world know what your favorite color is. You can even add glow-in-the-dark laces.

You can also add fun accessories to your height-boosting sneakers, like miniature keychains or mini carabiners. You can even integrate shoelace charms, which are little plastic or metal embellishments made to adorn your laces. Wear some flashy gold-tone ones for some extra shine.

No matter what you try, you'll love our sneakers - and all our elevator shoe styles - at They come in on-trend styles and are made with high-quality materials. Best of all, they give you the discreet height boost you want so you can take on your day with confidence.

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