The durability and longevity of height boosting shoes

The durability and longevity of height boosting shoes

Elevator shoes from are built to look just as good and last just as long as standard shoes. We have been in the shoe industry for more than two decades, and our favorite part of the job is working with men who are thrilled to discover that our height-boosting shoes look just as elegant, trendy and fashionable as non-elevator shoes from their favorite brands.

Some men assume elevator shoes always look like clunky orthopedic devices or outlandish vintage fashion trends. At, nothing could be further from the truth - our CALTO, TOTO and CALDEN brands of elevator shoes are made with all the superior materials and excellent craftsmanship that you'd expect in any great pair of shoes. That commitment to quality is the secret to our success; it has brought us thousands of positive reviews and happy customers. Here is a deeper look into why our shoes are so popular.


You'll find all sorts of styles at, from formal, tuxedo-ready Oxfords to casual, action-ready sneakers. We have developed quite an eye for shoe trends. We take note of emerging styles that become a quick-burning trend across social networks, while keeping in mind timeless styles that will look classy for generations. We make sure all of our elevator shoes emulate those styles, down to the last stitch. We use the same manufacturing processes, the same techniques and the same materials as the trendy, non-elevator shoes seen in stores - but ours have a discreet, height-boosting secret weapon.


We build our shoes to last, and that means using the best materials, from high-quality leathers on the uppers to strong, durable rubber on the treads. When you buy a pair of elevator shoes from, you'll get massive mileage out of them. Many can also be preserved even longer through regular polishing and cleaning.

We also use premium materials to make the height-increasing insoles inside the shoes. We use components that cushion the foot step after step, yet preserve the promised height increase of the shoes. Our elevator shoes are an investment. They will be there for you for the long haul, helping to power you with confidence and energy as you work to reach your goals.


We use the innovative design of each shoe to hide its height-boosting qualities in plain sight. Men who wear our shoes stand taller and stand out for all the right reasons. They get the good kind of attention from their shoes, with no one ever suspecting the secrets they hide inside. Our great-looking and discreet elevator shoes enable you to keep walking toward your dreams.

Discover the Difference

You can find out for yourself by browsing through our reviews, or contacting us today. We can help you find a pair of elevator shoes that meets your needs for any situation, whether it's a long day at work or a night out on the town. With, you'll gain confidence with every step.

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