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Benefit your health and boost your stature with height increase insoles from

Hundreds of unnecessary illnesses can be avoided by taking better care of our feet. The foot is traditionally called "the second heart of the human body" in traditional Chinese medicine. There are eight major points and 24 reflective zones on the soles of your feet that can directly affect the function and circulation of your organs. Poor balance, uncomfortable pressure and pro-fungal dampness can be remedied with the right insoles

If the foot of a person is like roots to a tree, then the stronger the roots, the healthier and stronger the tree. Our feet are often neglected and forgotten. In reality they handle a heavy burden, and we often take them for granted. Imagine having to carry your average body weight daily for hours on end. This is a large burden no one wants to endure, yet our feet do it daily.

Let us be aware of what our feet must endure and begin to take better care of our feet. In order to do this, we not only need a good and comfortable pair of shoes, but also a good pair of insoles for our overworked feet.

CALDEN shoes and insoles provide the best of both worlds to you at a reasonable price. CALDEN realizes each individual person has their own individual needs. We are proud to offer a full line of shoes and comfort insoles for a variety of individuals. You and your feet can now enjoy the comfort and quality of our performance. Take the time to make your feet healthy and comfortable. You will be glad you did your feet the favor at the end of the day.