If you are on the fence about elevator shoes, these height-increasing insoles and shoe lifts are a low-cost way to enjoy all the benefits of standing taller.

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Height-increasing insoles from TallMenShoes.com help you add a height advantage inside most of your shoes.

Some men may be on the fence about boosting their height through wearing elevator shoes. Our height-increasing insoles and shoe lifts are a low-risk, low-cost way to feel the benefits for yourself. Many shoes already have natural lifts built in - we see shoes advertise an extra inch in height while on the shelves.

Our comfort-fit insole lifts are premium-quality selections from our American-owned company, which is North America's largest elevator shoe retailer. With our insoles, you won't have to wear elevated shoes. Simply choose an insole that adds 1 inch or 1.5 inches to your normal height.

With our added-height men's shoe insoles, you can benefit your health while boosting your stature.

Height Plus Health Benefits

Numerous unnecessary illnesses can be avoided by taking better care of our feet. The foot is called "the second heart of the human body" in traditional Chinese medicine.

There are eight major points and 24 reflective zones on the soles of your feet that can directly affect the function and circulation of your organs. Poor balance, uncomfortable pressure and pro-fungal dampness can be remedied with the right insoles.

Think of a person's feet like a tree's roots: the stronger the roots, the healthier and stronger the tree. Our feet are often neglected and forgotten. In reality, they handle a heavy burden, and we often take them for granted. Imagine having to carry your body weight daily for hours on end. This is a large load, yet our feet do it daily.

Let us appreciate what our feet do for us and take better care of them. We can achieve this with a good, comfortable pair of shoes and a high-quality pair of insoles for our overworked feet.

Healthy-for-You Insoles

We design and manufacture insoles that make you appear taller while providing all the health benefits of healthier feet, offering you the best of both worlds at a reasonable price. The CALTO brand embraces the fact that each person is unique, with unique needs. We are proud to offer a full line of shoes and comfort insoles for a variety of individuals.

You and your feet can now enjoy the comfort and quality of our high-performing products. Take the time to make your feet healthy and comfortable. You will be glad you did your feet a favor at the end of the day.

With our expertly crafted, invisible height-elevating insoles, you can benefit from healthy feet and added height. You'll love the way the world looks with these height-boosting shoe lifts.