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Fisherman Sandal is a type of T-bar sandal originally for men and boys. The toes are enclosed by a number of leather bands interwoven with the central length-wise strap. An adjustable cross strap or bar is fastened with a buckle. The heel may be fully enclosed or secured by a single strap joined to the cross strap.

Just because youíre heading out to have fun doesnít mean a few extra inches wonít help you. Tall sandals for short men are a great way to boost you up when youíre on the beach, at the pub or in the park on a warm summer day. Unless youíre Shaquille OíNeal, Chewbacca or Howard Stern, then getting a little closer to the clouds is almost certain to help you out in the social world. Especially if youíre single, because the vast majority of women prefer to date men taller than they are. Give yourself an edge in cozy elevator sandals that look nice and feel nicer.

We manufacture our own menís height-increasing sandals that are based on the classic fisherman sandal style. The interwoven leather bands and central strap offer a sophisticated look while helping to conceal the booster layer. Get yours with a fully enclosed heel thatís dressier in nature or a secure single strap thatís better for casual occasions. Options include our standard menís black fisherman sandals, brown braided sandals, lightweight double-stitched sandals and closed-toe sandals. The open side ventilation, durable inner sole and VelcroTM strap keep you comfortable as youíre walking taller. We even tell you in the product descriptions whether to size up or down on your order.

In addition to standard 3-inch sandals, we have several other increaser sizes for if you need a little less or a little more of a bump up. Choose from our CALTO or TOTO brands to get a new perspective when the weather is right for makes it okay to wear menís summer high heels with our beautifully crafted products, guaranteed best prices and unsurpassed customer support from real people. But donít take our word for it ó read the reviews and watch the testimonials from our customers who say the same thing. We do more so you can be more in the right footwear.