What Types of Shoes Should You Buy as Elevator Shoes

What Types of Shoes Should You Buy as Elevator Shoes?

Not every shoe can successfully be adapted into a good, quality elevator shoe.

Men who wear elevator shoes don't use them for only height. A good pair helps increase stature, improve posture and boost confidence, all without causing undue stress on feet. Those attributes take a certain amount of design and engineering expertise. Some styles of shoe adapt well to an internal lift that adds height while others fall short. Too much support is lost in some shoes. While there are certain shoes that are less amenable to height modifications, TallMenShoes.com has a wide variety of classic and trendy shoes to help you build your wardrobe and build height.

Benefits of a quality pair of elevator shoes are obvious only to the wearer. The attributes of posture and confidence are seen by those around you as you project them.

Only certain types of shoes make good elevator shoes:

Boots. From hikers to bikers, boots offer the most flexibility for additional lift. Traditional boot treads help out with that: Most boots feature an extra inch or so at the heel. We take advantage of this to offer boots with up to five inches of height.

Fortunately, boots come in many sizes and styles, from hiking boots to business casual. Whether you plan to walk through a forest or into a bar or a meeting room, you'll find boots ideal for your situation.

Casual walkers. While women have a dizzying array of shoe styles they can select, men's styles for the most part lean toward neutral colors and styles that blend. Casual shoes for men have begun to expand to a wider selection, and we have expanded our offering as well.

Fortunately, there are dozens upon dozens of options for any man seeking a traditional casual or dress shoe. Looking for a relaxed shoe for a day of errands? After something trendy and stylish for date night? Need a business casual for a sharp work wardrobe? You can find an elevator shoe for all those situations and more.

Sneakers. Usually elevator shoes are thought to be nothing but dress shoes. But sneakers, trainers and other types of athletic shoes can be designed to add lift without sacrificing the performance demands you seek from these types of shoes, including arch support, advanced cushioning and mesh paneling.

Dress shoes. These types of shoes have a reputation for being all about the look, not comfort. Slippery soles, non-existent arch support, stifling and inflexible panels - you name it. Most guys never even buy a pair of dress casuals unless required by work dress codes, and just endure the terrible pair they get with a tux rental.

A pair of well-crafted elevator shoes has none of those drawbacks. Superior materials and construction lead our dress shoes to be some of the most comfortable shoes you'll ever own.


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