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Feel the confidence that comes with a little extra height when you wear these casual men's shoes from

We understand that some men don't look at shoes the way women do. While our girlfriends or wives might have entire closets filled with all sorts of different shoes, we can count every pair of shoes we own on two hands, or maybe one. We usually have a pair of brown dress shoes, black dress shoes, sneakers and something casual. And those casual ones quickly become our go-to choice, right? They go perfectly with jeans or khakis, and usually feel as comfortable as sneakers. With the right pair of casual shoes, we can start at the office and go straight to date night in the same pair.

That's why our selection of casual men's elevator shoes is so wide. We've been at the forefront of men's shoe fashion for more than 20 years, so we know to focus on timeless classics and trendy fashions equally. Our selection offers you the perfect pair of casual shoes for your daily use.

Our unique shoes combine the modern styles you want with height-elevating designs that give you a boost of two to five extra inches. Whether you've always wished you could be a little taller or you want to get a height boost for a certain event, these Elevator Shoes are just what you need to take your look to the next level.

When you browse through these options, you'll see:

  • Urban walkers. These look like low-rise hiking boots, and feature aggressive, pronounced treads with a rounded toe. Popularized by Doc Martens and Skechers, urban walkers are a classic.
  • Traditional twists with bold colors. On casual day, you can get away with a pair of boldly colored Derbys, with eye-catching tones in the laces or on the soles, or loud wing-tips that command attention.
  • Skateboarding or canvas deck shoes. Popularized by Vans and Skechers, this simple look has become popular on business casual day, because the neutral colors pair well with khakis.
  • Daring materials, from supple suede to attention-getting animal skins.


Things are tough for guys who wish they could grow a few extra inches taller. When women want a height boost, they can reach for their high heels. Casual shoes for men, on the other hand, are usually pretty flat. At, we make it easier for men who want to appear taller without giving away their height-boosting secret.

Though these casual kicks look just like any other shoes, special height-elevating insoles are hidden inside. These insoles provide around three inches of added height, even though it looks like you're wearing normal casual men's shoes. If you're looking for even more height, then check out our elevator boots, which can offer up to five extra inches of height in the same types of casual styles.

Why give up your height advantage on days off? Focused men are always ready to network even when running errands or relaxing. Our casual elevator shoes keep you on your game, even when you're not playing it.

Even if you don't bump into another person, you'll feel the perks of walking taller. Looking down on things offers a peaceful sensation of control, after all. When you are taller, your subconscious picks up on the new altitude, and pays off with positive attitude.

In addition to featuring the latest styles in men's footwear, our height-elevating shoes for men are made to hold up well even with regular use. Our hidden increaser insole helps to absorb impact and cushion your feet, while the mid-insoles protect against deterioration and provide aeration for comfortable all-day wear. We use high-quality materials and double stitching to ensure a great fit and long-lasting durability. Shop now to discover quality-constructed shoes that will help you look taller and feel more confident.

At, we offer a huge inventory of height-increasing shoes for any occasion, including dress shoes, sneakers and sandals. Our superior customer service and hassle-free returns make it easy to give your look an instant upgrade.

But don't take our word for it. Check out some of the more than 20,000 positive reviews we've earned. You'll see that our elevator shoes help you extend the confidence of extra height into every facet of your life.