Wedding Fashion: Tall man, short man

Women spend a lot of time thinking about what they are going to wear and have plenty of advisor's to help them. Grooms on the other hand can find it difficult to decide what suits them. Their body shape and height play vital roles in the decision not to mention their personality.

The right suit can make the grooms body look great especially if he is trying to hide some of his previous sins.

For example to disguise a short thick neck choose a jacket with higher Nehru style collar. To add balance, try wearing darker shades on top with lighter trousers.

Below are some guides on dos and donts that you should try and remember when choosing clothes. Before making a decision you need to assess your body shape. Review your best and worst points of you body. This honest opinion of yourself will give you an idea as to what kind of look to go for. Dont make rash decisions on what to buy. You want to look your best and be Prince Charming so take your time to assess yourself and make a collection of clothing pictures you like from magazines and the internet.

Wider bodies As most men tend to carry their excess weight in the middle area of their torso purchase an outfit that will flatter your body which makes your torso slim and gives shape to all your angles.

Go for an outfit which is tailored to fit your shape as this has a slimming affect. You should look for an outfit which has long vertical clean lines to lengthen and slim the body. Even though the tradition is to wear light colours it is not necessary. Bold colours, horizontal stripes and plaids exaggerate the problem whereas darker shades help conceal the curves. Duppatas draped around your neck will flatter the body also.

Height Tall men are in general above 59. If you are in this height range assess which part of your body holds most of the height.

Long Body Go for a shorter jacket with embroidery
Long Legs Longer jacket and wider trousers and embroidery should be much less

Try and avoid dark colours as this will make you look thinner and therefore even taller.

Height Shorter men tend to be petite all over, avoid wearing clothes which completely swamp you, go for clothes which are fitted and give you height. Slim cut suits with a simple design are the perfect look. Ideally a made to measure suit would be a perfect complement which introduce height. Tailors in India can create a master piece for as little as 200 whereas in the UK the price will upwards of 500.

Size Thin men are characterized by a 29 inch or less waist and 14.5 inch or less neck. For your upper body go for a jacket which has embroidery and which gives you more body. Lighter colours with intricate designs would be great here, helping to create a bulking affect on the body.

Bottom Heavy Characteristics Narrow upper body, slim shoulders and smaller chest. Lower half is fairly wide with larger hips. Wear longer, v-neck style jackets. Add a heavy duppata or heavy embroidery which will capture the eye rather than draw attention to the lower part.

Top Heavy Characteristics Wide shouldered, broad arms, a thick neck and well developed chest. Narrow waist and slimmer legs. Go for a shorter jacket length, pick a jacket with a higher Nehru style collar which will help disguise a short, thick neck. Darker shades worn on top with lighter trousers will also add balance.


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