Style Tips For Men With Short Legs

Style Tips For Men With Short Legs

When it comes to fashion and style it's clear that guys just don't have access to the sort of information that us girls do - they're just left to fend for themselves. So boys, here's a helping hand with some tips on how to cover up the fact that your legs are somewhat vertically challenged.


The basic thing to remember is that when someone looks at you, whether they realise it or not, they literally look you up and down. That is, the eye travels up and down and stops anywhere there is a horizontal line.

Therefore if you draw a line across your legs in the form of turn-ups, pockets, different colour shoes etc, then your eye goes across the body and you will draw attention to that part of the body or visually cut it in half.

So, with that in mind, here are some pointers as to how to dress to maximise that leg length:

    • Wear similar coloured shoes (and socks!) to your trousers - this will keep the eye travelling down the leg and straight to your shoe with no interruptions, thus giving the illusion of longer legs
    • Sleeker shoes, not too clumpy will help to elongate your leg - especially with a slightly more pointed toe

  • Wear your jackets a bit shorter or bomber styles, so your top half looks in proportion to your legs

  • Wear your belt to match your trousers, not your top. This will draw your eye from the waist to the shoe with no breaks. If you wear your belt to match your top it will elongate your top half and this is what we want to avoid
  • We're not suggesting you wear Simon Cowell style high rise trousers, but don't wear them too low waisted as it will make your legs look shorter!
  • Pinstripe suits and trousers will be flattering and elongating too

  • Avoid turn ups - your legs will look like they stop where the highest line is drawn. Have them taken out by a tailor if you buy a suit with them in
  • Avoid very wide leg trousers and pleat fronts - go for flat front instead
  • Avoid wide waistbands and belts
  • Avoid check trousers - vertical stripes are more flattering
  • Don't buy jeans with the pockets too low down - make sure you check your rear view in the mirror to look at the back pockets too!
  • Ignore the current high fashion trend started by Thom Browne, to wear trousers short with contrasting socks or no socks. As a general rule and for more classic styling, make sure trousers are long enough - it seems obvious but it's surprising the amount of men that wear them too short. They should come to the top of your heel at the back of your shoe
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