Top Elevator Shoe Trends: Fall and Winter 2020

Top Elevator Shoes Fall Winter 2020

Feeling good should be the standard we live by, regardless of the time of year. With that positive sentiment in mind, we'd like to cover some of the top elevator shoes to boost your height and your confidence that are trending for fall and winter 2020.

The chic men's shoes we'll be checking out here represent only a small sampling of the incredible collection of different styles offers our satisfied customer base (24,000 glowing reviews and counting).

Rugged, Fashionable Elevator Footwear for Colder Weather

Rugged men thinking about shoe trends 2020 - or preparing for the inclement weather winter brings - will want a good pair of boots or tough elevator shoes that look great and make them feel great too. Here are a few selections that can handle the extreme weather and make stylish additions to your wardrobe.

Our sturdy CALTO Work-Style Boots, coming in two different shades of brown, as well as one shade of black, can handle whatever Mother Nature brings to your neighborhood streets. But these hardy boots won't sacrifice an ounce of style. With a timeless silhouette, 3.4 inches of lift, Goodyear welt construction, plus other resilient features, these boots give hardworking men a striking set of footwear that will last them for years to come.

For a mixture of rugged and chic, look no further than the classic CALTO Cordovan Dark Brown Boots. These over-the-ankle, double-stitched boots provide the happy wearer with footwear that's robust in build, yet projects a wonderful sense of style that's both strong anddebonair.

Another upcoming footwear trend is styles with camo patterns. Our hip oxhide CALTO Camo Boot, coming in camo green or camo brown, can be worn to a fancy shindig or for a walk along a forest path as you watch the trees turn colors; it's that versatile. The lower profile heel, while still offering three inches of additional height, is unnoticeable to others, which fits in perfectly with the "camouflage" theme.

Top Elevator Shoes Fall Winter 2020

Chic Elevator Dress Shoe for Fall and Winter 2020

If you're not the outdoorsy type, you might be after a pair of chic elevator dress shoes for fall and winter 2020 instead. CALTO's Formal Oxford Tan Patent Leather Model (brown or dark brown) brings a playful twist to the elevated dress shoe. The decorative brogue and burnishing accents make these patent leather shoes an ideal choice for catching the eye of someone special - or at the very least making you the positive center of aesthetic attention wherever you roam.

For a classic look, you can't go wrong with the black TOTO Wholecut Dress Shoe with Leather Sole. These gorgeous almond-toe, low-top shoes (seamlessly cut out of a single piece of leather) pair amazingly well with formal attire. These dress shoes offer you a subtle 2.6 inches that will make you feel amazing from head to toe, thanks to the height enhancement, as well as their trendy appeal.

The elevator shoes covered above offer only a small taste of fall and winter footwear 2020 trends. We know that regardless of the design(s) you ultimately choose (from the list above or another selection), these shoes will bring you comfort and pleasure - and inconspicuously give you a bit of confidence-boosting height, which is the inspiration behind all designs at

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