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Sheep Leather Height Increase Elevator Insoles - 3.2 CM | 1.25 INCH Taller - IK303

Sheep Leather Height Increase Elevator Insoles - 3.2 CM | 1.25 INCH Taller - IK303

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There's no reason to give up your height advantage just because you want to wear some of your favorite shoes. Equip those kicks with a boost to your height. These sheepskin insoles feature shock absorbent materials that provide 1.25 inches of lift, effectively transforming just about any pair into Elevator Shoes.

These insoles are made to fit any shoe of normal width that features a higher profile at the ankle (low-profile shoes may slip off more when using these insoles). They are easy to trim for a custom fit, and come with a guide template for a perfect cut.

Medium Large
US Men Size 6 - 10 US Men Size 8 - 13


  • Weight: 3 oz.  *Based on Medium.  Actual weight varies.*

  • Material: Trim-able multi-layer. Top layer padded sheepskin. Dual density middle layer. Lightweight injection molded bottom covered in solid EVA construction bottom.

  • Height Increase: 1.25" Inches (3.2 CM)

  • Width: Standard (D or Medium). Supports regular width.

  • Easily trim-to-fit and fully customize-able to fit into most shoe.
  • Simply take a pair of scissors and cut according to the size guide template on the bottom.
  • Completely discrete and unnoticeable once inside your shoes.
  • All height increasing insole instantly enhance your height for a taller walking experience.

For use with regular shoes:

  • After you insert the insole into shoes, the shoe back (Rear Heel Area) may not be high enough to hold in your foot.
  • Your shoes become easy to slip off when you walk. Please make sure your shoes is "High Profile" such as a boot style.
  • Insoles will take up more space from your shoe's interior.

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