The Best Shoe Lift Inserts for Comfort and Style

The Best Shoe Lift Inserts for Comfort and Style

Elevator shoes are a wise purchase if you want to discreetly add several inches of height. In some cases, however, you may only want to add 0.75 to 1.5 inches to your stature - or perhaps tack on another inch or so to the two to three inches provided by the elevator shoes you already own.

But we know it's not enough for you to own any old height-boosting inserts. So, what are the best shoe lifts and how do you pick them? When looking for a slight increase in stature, shoe lift inserts are the perfect accessory to get the job done. And the beauty here - after you select the ideal shoe lift inserts that meet your needs - is that no one but you (and your feet) will be aware of the taller vantage point you now enjoy.

Best Shoe Lift Inserts

What to Look for in Shoe Lift Inserts

When shopping for shoe lift inserts for that slight boost in height you seek, you'll want to pay attention to a few key factors:

First off is comfort. You'll be wearing these insoles all day long. They should offer your feet support and comfort. Durable construction and comfortable materials are important considerations. For example, non-slip gel inserts built out of antimicrobial materials can decrease foot discomfort while still giving you a small increase in height at the same time.

Trimmable breathable inserts fit most shoes (elevated or not) without cramming your feet inside due to a lack of room. Well-built breathable inserts also absorb shock and help keep your feet fresh and odor-free. Massaging insoles add a bit of extra height, absorb shock and have a massaging feeling on your feet as you move about, providing relief to problem areas that can lead to foot fatigue. Memory foam is also an ideal shoe lift insert material, as it offers soft cushioning with firm impact absorption support while adding an extra inch of height or more.

Shoe Lift Inserts

How to Fit Shoe Lift Inserts

Once you decide on how much height you'd like to add, make sure you select insoles that match your feet, as well as any issues you may have with your feet. The good news here is that most inserts are trimmable, which means you can cut them to fit inside your sneakers or boots. Trimmable shoe lift inserts will help you find an ideal fit - not bunched up, taking up too much room or too small.

If you have high arches, you might benefit from high-arch mid-sole supporting shoe lifts, which add height and with their strategic support, reduce unwanted compression and pain caused by higher arches.

People with feet on the flatter side or who have issues with fallen arches or plantar fasciitis, can benefit from the shock-absorbing gel padding and arch support our Honeycomb Gel Insole Lifts offer. These inserts provide a half-inch boost in height, which will elevate your self-confidence as well, along with cushioning buoyancy to give your overworked feet some much-needed relief.

The Best Shoe Lift Inserts for You

In a nutshell, when researching the best shoe lift inserts for a discreet boost in height, factor in how much height you want to add, then think about the shape of your feet. Choose inserts that will give you the elevation you need, plus the relief and comfort that a thoughtfully designed shoe lift insert can provide.

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