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IK101 - Height Increase Insole - Men Elevator Shoe Insole - 2.5 CM | 1 INCH Taller Elevated Heel Discreetly

IK101 - Height Increase Insole - Men Elevator Shoe Insole - 2.5 CM | 1 INCH Taller Elevated Heel Discreetly

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Our men's shoe heel inserts from are 1-inch shoe lift insole inserts that discreetly add an inch to your height. Wear them inside your regular boots or other high-profile shoes, such as high-top sneakers. Get a 1-inch lift at the heel while the gentle slopes of the insoles provide both height and foot-hugging comfort.

Your shoes won't feel tight when you're wearing these breathable shoe heel insoles because of their limited thickness; they are specially designed to be comfortable and effective without being bulky. And that spring in your step will be due to the welcome shock absorption that will cushion your feet on steep or uneven surfaces. You can trim the inserts to the perfect fit using the printed fitment guide you'll find on the bottom of each lightweight elevator heel insole insert.

When you're at work, you look for every advantage you can get to ensure your success. Sometimes, all it takes is an extra inch. It doesn't matter if you're a Napoleon surrounded by Lincolns: A taller stature and better posture project confidence. These heel risers won't be noticed inside your high-profile shoes, but your improved posture and confidence will. After all, if you've ever wondered how shorter guys like actors Tom Cruise and Kit Harington look taller and more self-assured, it's often simply a matter of having the right height-increasing shoes and shoe inserts.

These 1-inch shoe inserts give you an extra inch in height without sacrificing comfort or style. They provide an invigorating bounce-back that keeps you on your feet through presentation after presentation. You'll love the way your world looks from this height.


  • Allows you to instantly increase your height by 1 inch. Works with almost all types of shoes.
  • Elevator heels remain concealed, so no one knows the secret behind your increased height.
  • Made from breathable, lightweight material.
  • Universal fit design; easily trim for a custom fit.
  • Skid-resistant top provides a firm, comfortable grip of your foot.
  • Easy to clean so you can keep them free of germs and odors.
  • Shock absorption via a unique material designed to produce a bounce-back effect with every step.
  • Slopes on the insoles provide additional comfort.

Shoe Heel Lift Insole Tips:

  • Once the heel lift is inserted, the rear heel areas of your shoes might not be tall enough to hold in your foot. Using the inserts with regular shoes with tall-profile styling, such as boots, is recommended.
  • Insoles will take up more space from your shoe's interior.
  • Available in sizes X-Small through X-Large (see size chart above).
  • We recommend you determine the shoe size that is a half-size smaller than your regular U.S. shoe size and order the size that corresponds with that. (For example, if your regular size is 7.5, you would want the inserts in size 7, which corresponds with Small.)
  • Recommended for occasional use only.
  • Use with elevator shoes is not recommended.
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