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Memory Foam Height-Increasing Shoe Lifts - One Inch - IK209

Memory Foam Height-Increasing Shoe Lifts - One Inch - IK209

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Men's shoe lifts from help you boost your height while wearing a regular pair of shoes.

If you are on the fence about whether to invest in a pair of elevator shoes, our height increase insoles are a low-risk, low-cost exploration. These 1-inch shoe lifts let you feel the boost of confidence that additional height offers. Shoe lifts for men are an outstanding way to stand taller, no matter what pair of shoes you are wearing.

Our 1-inch shoe lifts slip effortlessly into your favorite casual, work or dress shoes to discreetly add height. The memory foam conforms to your feet for a custom fit. By wearing lifts inside your shoes, you'll stand taller without anyone seeing how you did it. That's why men around the world wear our height-lifting insoles with confidence.

This isn't the old days, when stiff, clunky insoles made you feel like Frankenstein's monster. Memory foam is a soft, super-comfortable cushion that also wins praise for impact absorption. Great for all-day wear, these insoles are perfect for staying energetic and on your feet at work and when you're taking a brisk walk over rocky trails or pounding the pavement in the city. Our height-enhancement shoe inserts are also effective at relieving pressure points on otherwise aching feet.

Turn your regular shoes into elevator shoes with these memory foam comfort, height-boosting shoe insoles designed to make you stand 1 inch taller. When choosing an elevator-lift shoe insole, you can't beat our high-density, high-performance memory foam shoe lifts.

Size Medium fits U.S. men's sizes 6 to 10. Size Large fits U.S. men's sizes 8 to 13.


  • Conforms to your feet.
  • The bottom layer provides added height.
  • Breathable, perforated upper layer.
  • EVA memory foam bottom layer.
  • Helps relieve pressure points.
  • Enhances your walking experience.
  • Easy to trim to size.
  • For use with regular shoes.
  • Not recommended for use with elevator shoes or low-profile shoes.
  • Note: Our insoles will take up more space inside your shoe.

For use with regular shoes:

  • After you insert the insole into shoes, the shoe back (Rear Heel Area) may not be high enough to hold your foot.
  • Your shoes become easy to slip off when you walk. Please make sure your shoes is "High Profile," such as a boot style.
  • Insoles will take up more space from your shoe's interior.
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