Tips For Short Men to Look More Confident

Many short men are to insecure or not confident around women, especially taller women. If you are a short men here are a few tips for you to have success with women:

1) Learn to look confident. Feeling confident and look confident are two different things. Some people always look confident, where as others, should work on how people perceive them. If you think you are confident and look confident, ask your friend or others if they think as you do. You could be surprised by the answer you could get.
Our perception of ourselves isn't always as accurate as we want it to be.

I always thought I'm confident but people didn't always perceived me as confident and it was a big surprise.
So, feeling confident isn't enough, you need to convince others that you are confident. Once they will believe in your confidence this will be a plus in your dating, in your career and other areas of your life.

2) Have faith that you will succeed. Many short men give up on dating life because they think height is their disadvantage. You need to offer to woman what she needs and then you will be desirable by her no matter what her height is. For some women it is very important to have a tall man, but for other women it's more important how good person you are, what kind of morals do you have, if you are rich or famous. Each woman has different set of values and all you need to do is to find out what your woman really wants.

3) Dress well. If you dress well, you will feel better, you will look more attractive and women will like you more or find you more interesting.

4) Be optimist. Expect the best out of any situation, believe people perceive you attractive and desirable. Be the leader, be the first to try a challenging task, be brave and women will notice it. Women love men who posses leadership qualities.

5) Lower you voice. Women love men with a deep voice. Taller men usually have lower voice, so by talking in a lower voice you will be perceived more attractive to women.

6) Listen and ask questions. Don't try to talk too much and impress a woman. Women want to talk more than listen to you. Be assertive what you say and let your woman talk more. Learn to ask right questions and women will love you.

There is much more about what women like in men than just height. Don't focus on your height too much but practice to be perceived powerful and interesting person who has a lot to offer.


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