Every Man's Wardrobe Essential: The Must-Have Men's Shoe

Every Man's Wardrobe Essential: The Must-Have Men's Shoe

Every man wants to look his best. Style isn't just a state of mind - the right wardrobe can have a decisive impact on how others see you. Many men are familiar with universal apparel options that can help them find the edge they need and dress to impress. This includes the perfect suit, a stunning pair of slacks and a crisp shirt that fits perfectly. But what about shoes? Shoes will make or break a look, and without the right pair, your attire can't come together properly. Unlike some other apparel pieces, there isn't a single pair of must-have shoes for men. In fact, there are three. Let's dive into their characteristics and why they're essential shoes for men.

The Formal Shoe

First and foremost, a formal pair of shoes is mandatory for any man looking to dress to impress. This shoe will be your bread and butter, so to speak. It will be the pair of shoes that you wear to the office, to important gatherings, to formal events and much more.

The dress shoe commands attention, and owning a pair that matches your formal attire is essential. This includes Oxfords like the CALTO Midnight Black Dress Oxford and apron-toe dress shoes like the TOTO Super Lightweight Elevator Dress Shoe. Balance your attire with the right choice of dress shoes by matching your suit jacket: blue jackets look best with lighter browns and blacks, while charcoal suits balance perfectly with a crisp pair of black dress shoes.

The Casual Shoe

Beyond formal and office wear, the right casual shoe is vital for success in your personal life. This could be a fashion-forward pair of sneakers, like our CALTO Off-White & Gum Elevated Leather Sneakers but it also includes sophisticated or rugged pairs of boots that balance perfectly with business casual or leisure environments.

Whether you opt for a pair of everyday fashion sneakers or a classic pair of boots depends upon your personality and interests. Sneakers can show off your sense of style and appreciation for fun while boots command attention and can balance well with more formal looks. No matter your tastes, every man should have at least one casual staple that ties together his look.

The Tall Shoes

It's no secret that height can affect our confidence and presence in a room. Even the men who are most comfortable with their shorter stature sometimes desire to boost their height slightly, whether it's for an important event, first date or conference. Having at least one pair of elevator shoes with height-increasing insoles can assist you with that desire, boosting your stature and confidence.

There's no shortage of influential men with shorter heights. Tom Cruise, Kit Harrington and Lil Uzi Vert are all embedded in our culture, and if you've ever wondered how shorter men like them make it work, the answer often lies in a good pair of elevator shoes. At Tall Men Shoes, you'll find heigh-increasing boots, formal shoes, sneakers and more to give you that extra height advantage you desire. Shop from elevator athletic shoes and height-increasing insoles that are comfortable and invisible - adding inches to your height without anyone being any the wiser.

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