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CALTO - Y7886 - 2.6 Inches Taller (Off-White/White & Gum Sole) - Elevated Leather Sneakers

CALTO - Y7886 - 2.6 Inches Taller (Off-White/White & Gum Sole) - Elevated Leather Sneakers

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Step up your sneaker style with CALTO Y7886, a height-boosting athleisure design. These shoes feature a sleek, modern look with subtly elevated insoles that stand out anywhere. Sporting a low-top oxhide upper and a cushioned collar, they effortlessly match any outfit, be it shorts or joggers.

Discover a carefully curated collection for those craving both fashion and stature. From athleisure-inspired to refined formal designs, each discreetly adds height without compromising comfort. Perfect for catching eyes at events or owning the boardroom, our shoes promise durability, style, and that extra lift you desire. Elevate your footwear game today.


  • Style: Casual walkers. Adaptable footwear ideal for any occasion. Low-top classic.
  • Width: Standard (D or Medium). Accommodates a regular width.
  • Weight: 18 oz.  *Based on 7.5 US.  Actual weight varies.* . Sneakers are known best for their light weight.
  • Heel height: 1".  Shaft height: 4 3/4". Heel height measurement taken using the outer back visible sole. This is not the elevation but contributes to part of the height increase. Styles with a lower heel height will be more discrete. How is shaft measured? We measure the shaft height from the bottom of the footwear to the top of the collar or highest point. So, a low top will have a lower shaft height.
  • Material: Oxhide. Pigskin inner-lined. Rubberized sole. Cement construction.
  • Skillfully double-stitched for enhanced durability and elegance.
  • Robust integrated insole offers elevation without compromising foot space.
  • Get that desired height with ease, all low-key and slick.
  • Crafted with top-notch quality and meticulous attention.
  • Trendy & Comfortable (Satisfaction Assured)
  • Where quality embraces comfort.
  • Imported.
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