5 Reasons Why Shoes Matter

5 Reasons Why Shoes Matter

Shoes make the man, they say. Elevator shoes from TallMenShoes.com add to your height and communicate everything you need a good pair of shoes to say.

We're sure you know someone who puts almost no time and thought into getting good shoes. They often might not even wear them at all. You might even be that person. Most men we know can count off the pairs of shoes they own on one hand. They have the brown dress ones, the black dress ones, the casual ones, the sneakers and the junkers for wearing while mowing the lawn.

But the reality is that quality shoes are one of the most essential items a person can own. Here are the five biggest reasons why shoes are important and why you should never settle for inferior footwear.

    1. Shoes are a Long-Term Investment

Your clothing sizes change often during a person's life. Even once you're adult and have stopped growing vertically, your lifestyle can lead to pants and shirts no longer fitting like they used to. But a person's feet pretty much always stay the same size once they reach adulthood. You can wear a high-quality pair for years and even decades at a time. In other words, choosing the right shoes can literally have an impact on your life for years.

    1. Shoes Provide Support and Comfort for Your Feet

Every time you're standing, walking or running, your feet have to support your entire body. Even for the fittest adults, that's a lot of weight to bear. Shoes matter for your feet because they, in turn, support them during common activities. The insides of them also have padding, special insoles and other features so your feet will be comfortable. It certainly beats walking on hot concrete or rocky hills barefoot for hours on end.

Shoes can also be used to improve your biomechanics. Few people naturally have correct posture or alignment for walking and running. Footwear with the right support can easily correct these issues, giving you better form and preventing repetitive-stress problems.

    1. Shoes Protect You from Injuries & Disease

A sprained wrist or sore hip will certainly limit what you can do during the day. But if your feet and ankles are hurt, you literally have trouble just getting around the house. Wearing good shoes provide a barrier against rocks, broken glass, water, fallen branches, wild animals and other things that can cause injury. If you have weak ankles, high-top shoes can keep them stable reduce the risk of sprains. They also protect against exposure to germs, fungi, viruses and parasites.

    1. The Right Shoes Can Help You Perform Better

The reason there are so many types of shoes is that they are designed to perform well at different activities. Good running shoes will help you run faster and farther without being as tired. Industrial safety boots will protect your feet from hard impacts. Military boots allow the wearer to work on grounds covered with burning materials or sharp debris. And almost any pair of shoes gives you a better grip, so you don't slip and fall all the time.

    1. Shoes Make a Style Statement

Shoes always matter when it comes to fashion. The right pair can make or break an outfit. Owning good formal shoes and casual shoes lets you dress right for every occasion. Footwear is also a way of expressing your personality. Oftentimes, people can tell whether someone is reserved, outgoing, friendly or abrasive simply based on the shoes they wear. Additionally, shoes are frequently an indicator of a person's financial status, as well-off people tend to spend more on their shoes.

That's why our CALTO, TOTO and CALDEN lines of elevator shoes feature a wide variety of styles, from trendy fashions to timeless classics. We've been studying shoe fashion for more than two decades, and we understand how important superior materials and craftsmanship are for making quality shoes. We've also learned how to hide height-increasing lifts and insoles cleverly, so that people will never be able to tell you're wearing elevator shoes. Don't take our word for it. We have more than 20,000 positive reviews from men just like you who love how our quality Elevator Shoes boost their confidence and stature.

If shoes make the man, then shoes are an investment in yourself. With TallMenShoes.com, that investment is bound to pay big dividends.


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