What are the Different Types of Elevator Shoes?

So you've decided to take the plunge and get a pair of Elevator Shoes to help lift your confidence and style. But which ones should you get? While there are a lot of lift shoes out there - just like with regular shoes - they can be divided into several main styles. TallMenShoes.com looks at the different elevator shoe types and why you might want them in your closet.

Formal Elevator Shoes


If you work at a company with a formal dress code or attend a lot of upscale functions and events, then you'll need elevator dress shoes. They are designed to be worn with suits, tuxedos and other fancy dress. Whether you prefer oxfords or derbies, open or closed lacing, brogue or square toe, there's a formal shoe that fits. Own at least one pair for boosting your presence when attending weddings, business meetings, fancy restaurants and black-tie events.

Height-Increasing Boots

Tall boots for men have traditionally been the most popular form of lift shoe. The generous amount of space in most boots is perfect for concealing the lifting layer. But it doesn't hurt that they look good for an assortment of activities. You can find high-heeled dress boots, work boots, hiking boots and urban outdoor boots. They'll help you feel more confident and look more impressive in any season.

High-Heeled Casual Shoes

Men who want maximum comfort while still looking good will want casual elevator shoes in their wardrobe. These are the ideal shoes for backyard barbeques, movies with friends and heading to the local café. Many of them are suitable for business casual attire as well. You'll have more fun in a pair of these because your style will be one less thing to worry about. When shopping, you can get casual shoes with a dressier or more athletic edge.

Loafers with High Heels

Sometimes you need to feel taller even when you're unwinding. Elevator loafers, otherwise known as lace-less shoes or slip-on shoes, are easy to get on and off when you have a quick errand to run or want to go to a relaxed party. It'll be a lot easier to crack a smile when you're feeling up to the task! Loafers can range from slip-on dress shoes and street shoes all the way down to cozy moccasins for evenings at home.

Elevator Sneakers

It's easier to be the athletic type when you have the height for it. High-heeled sport sneakers are perfect for runners, basketball players, hikers, skateboarders and everyone else who loves physical activities. You can make a fashion statement while going for a jog, climbing a mountain and attending games with friends or your girlfriend. Get high-tops, mid-cuts or low cuts, and you'll be in the game.

Lifting Sandals

Let the air flow through your toes during a summer day on the beach by wearing elevator sandals. Even on the most casual of days, you still want to impress, and some open-toed footwear will add a few inches without you getting weird looks while walking on the sand. The most common type of lift sandal is the fisherman sandal, because it's the best design for discreetly increasing your height.

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