Nightclub fashion guidelines for men

Nightclub fashion guidelines for men

Are you ready for the club scene? Learn what to avoid when dressing to go out dancing.

Start by determining the dress code of the club you plan to visit. Some clubs are more formal and will require a button up shirt such as an oxford shirt, and a blazer is often acceptable or encouraged. Other clubs are more casual and, while you can still be at home in an oxford, you can wear more relaxed clothing. Once you know what's expected for your attire, you can choose your outfit by each part. It might be easiest to start with the shirt and then build around that wardrobe staple. If you have a killer patterned shirt to wear, then go from there and choose pants that coordinate, and shoes that match the outfit.

Most men are comfortable in a worn t-shirt and a good pair of jeans. But while this outfit may be fine for around the house or for hanging out with friends, it may not cut the mustard at a trendy nightclub or bar. So check out this quick guide for what not to wear to a nightclub, you may find these tips can get you ready for a night out on the town.

First, make sure whatever you end up wearing is properly clean and ironed. Unless you are wearing one of those trendy wrinkle shirts, you should make sure to pass an iron over your shirts at least once before leaving. Bright lights may accent the wrinkles in an un-ironed shirt, making you look disheveled and much less trendy than you might expect. Of course, for darkened dance clubs, the problem is somewhat alleviated. But for a general rule, try to avoid wearing something that has massive wrinkles or looks like it was picked up off the floor. Even if it was, a quick press can get it back to looking like new.

Next, check that there are no stains or spots on your shirt that might show up during the night. A blotch may not seem like much, but it can really stand out with a blacklight and may become much more noticeable. Clean clothing makes all the difference, so do not wear a dirty shirt. This also applies to pants, but to a lesser degree. White clothing in general should be kept very clean, make use of bleach - color safe bleach when you are washing clothing that isn't white - if you have to get tough stains out. With black clothes the issue is less important, but of course make sure the shirt isn't smelly or stained.

Your undershirt, if you plan to wear one, is a part of your outfit, and you should take pride in it. Not only will an undershirt protect you from sweat stains, it will also peek out of the collar of your shirt. So unless it matches with the outfit, you should not wear a colored undershirt. Instead, plain black or white goes with most outfits.

Dress comfortably, but look your best. Don't wear clothes that make you uncomfortable, since that may prevent you from having a good time. Nowadays, clubs have a range of acceptable dress codes, and casual is in. If you are uncomfortable wearing a nice shirt and tie, that's okay. Dress down with a plain black long-sleeved shirt and nice pants. A casual sweater also goes a long way, while still being comfortable and not too dressy

Avoid wearing different patterns together. Stripes and plaids, dots and prints, any combination of two or more patterns will clash if not done with the proper taste and judgment. Often, simple is best, a plain white shirt or pinstripe pants is much better than a compilation of several busy patterns. Keep in mind that the lighting, lasers and other effects used by the club could amplify any pattern. Shoes should match your outfit, and if you have any doubts, stick to black or brown shoes.

Don't wear a tie unless you have to. Contrary to popular belief, dressing up does not always mean putting on a tie and slacks. In fact, when going out to a nightclub, a tie is the last thing you want to wear. Instead, be cool and wear something nice that lets you breathe in the hot and stifling atmosphere of a steamy dance club. Unless the event you are going to is a formal affair, you should be fine without a tie.

Never wear shorts. Even if it's hot outside and you've been wearing shorts all day long, if you want to look good in a nightclub, shorts are out. Thin and breathable slacks should cut the heat just as effectively, but will also keep you looking fashionable. The one possible exception to this rule is if you are going to a beachfront night club or if you are on a tiny island in the South Pacific. Of course, if that's the case, then Hawaiian shirts and shorts may be the dress code.

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