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Dress Formal

Whether it's for formal events or business wear, shop for stylish, elegant dress elevator shoes at

If you want to dress better and look more impressive, then elevator dress shoes from may be the solution. These inch-adding shoes invisibly increase your height, so you'll feel like the standout man you are. And it isn't just about you being more confident - studies have shown that taller men get better job opportunities, better salaries and better dating opportunities on average. Go to our Article and Resources page for more on why dress shoes that make you taller can be a big advantage in your life. Then come back to this page and find the highest-quality lift dress shoes that put you on a higher level.

When men think of elevator shoes, they usually think of something designed for medical reasons, or that a Hollywood horror monster would wear. Nothing could be further from the truth - for more than 20 years, we've been at the forefront of shoe fashion, and figured out how to secretly add height through hidden lifts and insoles.

Why are you shopping for dress shoes? Do you want to make an impression in business settings? Or are you seeking something for a formal event? Our shoes will stand out for all the right reasons. You'll find so many different options in our TOTO, CALTO and CALDEN lines.

We have more than 200 styles of dress shoes for short men that are in stock. And that's before you count all the different sizes! When you browse through our massive selection, you'll see:

  • Traditional Oxford, Derby and other styles of dress shoes. Formal events call for the elegant, open faces of Oxfords, while a range of workplace wardrobes make room for Derbys, loafers, Brogues and other styles.
  • Daring options that combine those styles in wonderful ways. Fashion-savvy gentlemen will appreciate our selection of trendsetters, such as this bold pair of CALTO Oxfords with broguing and blended shades of brown.
  • Colors as simple as black, as well as a rainbow of browns and other colors. Again, it's all about the statement you want to make with your wardrobe.
  • Modern accenting details, such as microperforated panels, bold buckles and lightweight soles. You'll find wing-tips, open toes, moc toes, square toes and much more.

Our dress shoes are made of premium lightweight materials, with leather uppers and rubberized bottoms that look as good as they feel. Add two or three inches to your height in as little time as it takes to put on a pair of shoes. Of course, we know that sometimes you don't just need tall man shoes - you need taller man shoes. That's why we offer a selection of Elevator Shoes that add four or more inches, for when height really matters.

The right pair of men's elevator dress shoes can complement a variety of wardrobes, from formal tuxedos to dress jeans. While there are a few fashionista fellows who splurge on footwear, most guys usually own about four or five pairs of shoes in total. So consider your needs and invest wisely, because the right pair of elevator dress shoes will take you far.

Whatever style of height-increasing dress shoe you prefer, is the place to find it. We offer round toes, box toes, wing tips, lace-ups, slip-on loafers and tuxedo shoes in various black and brown shades. Blue and white shoes are available as well, if you want to think outside the box. Our Shopper Approved service and support will help you find the right pair at a price you can't beat.

We have more than 20,000 positive reviews from men just like you who have discovered what a difference our formal elevator shoes do for them. You'll love the boost in confidence you'll feel.

Unlike many of our competitors, our customer service team is located right here in the U.S. and will actually answer the phone when you call. So pick it up and contact us today if you have questions!