Lift Your Lifestyle with Trendy Shoes

Are you ready to give your life a boost? The right shoes can help you do just that. The rise of men's Elevator Shoes has helped guys everywhere experience the benefits of more height. A few inches of height and a healthy dose of fashion have made them the go-to choice for men who want to look better, feel more confident and be happier. But which shoes are best for this? Let explain.

Walk Taller Every Day

First, a little backstory. For centuries, both men and women have tried different ways to make themselves look taller. Women can simply put on a pair of high heels, but these went out of style for men more than 200 years ago. So they'd tried everything else, such as Napoleon reportedly concealing decks of playing cards in his boot heels. At least he was playing with a full deck in one way.

Nowadays, height-elevating footwear is a little more sophisticated. Men can wear shoes that are just as trendy as regular footwear - and look almost exactly the same - but have a special wedge-and-platform combination built in that can add as many as 5 inches to the wearer's height. And that's just the beginning of how they improve your lifestyle game.

Elevator Shoes for Formal Occasions

So when is the right time to wear Elevator Shoes? Pretty much any time is. Looking stylish at work will have you on your way to better pay and opportunities. So get at least one good pair of dress shoes that you can wear Monday-Friday. Leather brogue lace-up oxfords and closed lace cap toe dressers have a professional look that will impress your bosses. And they will also impress at weddings and on dates as well. We're also partial to nubuck elevator shoes which use rubbed cowhide leather that make it feel more like suede. They're perfect for a posh suit or black-tie outfit!

Trendy Casual Shoes

Taking off the suit and tie doesn't mean you have to ditch the great shoes. Casually increase your fashion sense so you'll feel more confident even when running errands or hanging out with friends. Some of the casual elevator shoes we love are dress penny loafers for when you can't completely let loose and low-top summer loafers for when you can. Walking sneakers and athletic shoes will help you stay active in styles for skaters and ballers that want to elevate their style in the concrete jungle.

Shoes for the Outdoors

Get outside and have fun, they say. Well, you can with some good shoes! Those with an outdoorsman soul should check out elevator boots. Good dress boots have the formality demanded at official functions in a down-home feel. And they're great at hiding the hardware that lifts you up. Want to get down and dirty on trails and mountains? You're going to want some hiking boots. No one ever heard of a short King of the Hill, did they?

Stay Stylish With the Right Shoes

Every man needs a few good pairs of shoes. The right footwear is sure to lift you higher in the office, on the dating scene, in the theater, on the town and anywhere else life takes you. We've showed you some of our favorite choices above for staying trendy as you gain in other areas.


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