How to Make High Heels Elevator Shoes More Comfortable

How to Make High-Heeled Elevator Shoes More Comfortable
Elevator Shoes are a proven way to help shorter men appear taller and feel more confident. But is it worth it if they're killing your feet at the same time? Many men who try high-heeled shoes for the first time report sore feet, blisters and even injuries. We have several suggestions for how to make your shoes more comfortable for standing and walking so you can take full advantage of the added height they offer.

    1. Use shoe inserts/pads from the drugstore for the balls of your feet. These reduce some of the pressure placed on your foot when walking or standing in Elevator Shoes Most are self-adhesive and can be easily placed into the shoe.

    1. Try to find Elevator Shoes with padded insoles, memory foam or other soft inner materials. If there aren't any such options in the style you need, order some replacement comfort insoles from a reputable company. An extra-comfort padding insole will eliminate shock and increase the softness of impacts while walking

    1. Look for shoes that have a "hidden" platform built in that supports the front of the shoe. This will keep the mechanics of walking in Elevator Shoes closer to regular shoes, which makes it easier to adjust to them.

    1. A shoe with a slightly thicker, wider heel is more comfortable for all-day wear and walking than a narrow heel or a stiletto. Shop for Elevator Shoes and boots that can offer this type of support.

    1. Try to get shoes that use full-length height insoles in the hidden increaser. A ¾-length or ½-length insole is fine for an insert that is adding 1.5 inches or less. However, in Elevator Shoes that add 3 or 4 inches of height, this insole length will tire your feet out because they have to do more work.

    1. On that note, don't get shoes with a larger increase than necessary. If a 2-inch boost is all you need, then don't get a 3-inch high-heeled shoe just because. The taller the increase, the more potential it has to be hard on your feet.

    1. Stand up straight and use good posture. A surprising amount of foot problems, whether in Elevator Shoes or regular shoes, are actually traced back to slouching, shuffling and other poor standing/walking techniques.

    1. If you have leather or canvas shoes, use a shoe stretcher to widen areas that are pinching. Making them a little bit longer or wider can be a world of difference.

  1. Wear socks that are designed to wick away moisture and keep your feet cool. Your socks also shouldn't be too thick, as this will cause rubbing and blisters.


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