How to Care for Your Elevator Shoes

Whether they're everyday shoes for the office or they only come out a few times a year for formal events, you owe it to yourself to get the most out of your new elevator shoes from Tall Men Shoes. These tips will make them last longer, feel even better and always look their best for maximum return on your investment. Proper shoe care and new shoe care in particular is a simple but necessary practice to ensure you are enjoying every benefit to the fullest as you stride confidently down the path to a happier, more rewarding life.

It may be wise to make a small investment in a shoe-care kit that includes the right polishes, conditioners and brushes for your favorite styles and brands, as there are different treatments required for the most effective leather shoe care as opposed to, say, suede shoe care or that of another material. All the information you'll need about how to care for your shoes, how to shine shoes, polish shoes, protection from rain, snow, dirt, even mud, is all right here on, but please also remember that our live customer service reps are always here to help you.

Periodically waterproofing your elevator shoes is a useful practice no matter where you live - spills occur every day even on the driest places on earth. An inexpensive waterproofing spray or polish will help prevent water-related cracking of leather and staining of suede. If you happen to live in a particularly wet or cold climate, merely apply the waterproofing treatment more frequently as a preventive measure that will ensure a longer life for your shoes and more enjoyment for you.

Your shoe-care kit will undoubtedly include a horsehair brush to routinely clean your dress shoes before and after each use. A gentle once-over upon removing the shoes from the closet will eliminate dust buildup and help your elevator shoes do their job better, and another one before returning them to the closet will get rid of any dirt and debris that may not be detectable to the human eye. If a more thorough cleaning is necessary after that memorable barn wedding or sunset cocktails on the beach, saddle soap is the best remedy for leather shoes while a two-thirds-to-one-third mixture of water and vinegar respectively will work wonders on suede.

Color-matching shoe polish and leather-conditioning cream will make your shoes look like new every time you wear them while softening them to the point that they feel like a meeting with old friends each time you slip them on. Fairly regular applications of both substances will help maintain your shoes' original color for years and protect them from any scuffing or scratching. If you really want them to shine like a full moon, try buffing them with a pair of panty hose.

Finally, to really increase the life of your elevator shoes, especially dress shoes, use a shoe tree while storing them between uses and a shoe horn every time you put them on to protect the area above the heel. Speaking of the heel, mild soap and water applied with a toothbrush will keep the heels and soles clean, but they can wear out after several years. As much as we love your business, if the uppers are still in good condition but the heel or soles have worn out, it's typically more economical to consult a cobbler about replacements before you set out to buy a brand new pair of elevator shoes from Tall Men Shoes.

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