You Feel Short? How to Change that.

Happiness make up in height for what it lack in length

Here's a surprising thing about famous men: Most of them are really short.

Forget about athletes, where a six-foot Drew Brees is considered a midget. We're talking about your favorite actors, singers and other personalities. They have average height - many are below average, in fact - and are still making your girlfriend or wife swoon.

The reason for that isn't the expensive, tailored wardrobe, an entourage of style consultants or friendly camera operators. The main secret that helps short Hollywood hunks tower over everyone has to do with one key P-word:


They are standing straighter than you. Their shoulders are more broad, their profile is more masculine. What do they have that you don't? Better habits about posture.

At, we offer some of the best Elevator Shoes on the market, that combine extra inches of height and trendy, well-crafted designs. But when you use these simple techniques, you'll feel taller even without a pair of shoes on:

Find a wall to assess your posture problems. Stand with your back to that wall, then shimmy against it until you touch it without leaning. Ideally, your head, shoulder blades and butt should be the only parts touching. Shift around until you feel those points.

Walk with that wall. Remember how it feels to have those three contact points, and try to stay that way as you walk everywhere. Muscle memory will kick in eventually and make this easier.

Bring your phone closer to eye level when using it. Most of us keep our devices down low, which strains our neck at the expense of not using our arms.

Stretch your chest and shoulders regularly. Most of us have jobs that keep us hunched over a keyboard. That's why stretch breaks are essential. Take them as you need to, but make sure you give yourself regularly scheduled opportunities throughout the day.

While you're at work, start sitting up straight. This is probably the toughest thing to do, because when we get in the zone, the last thing we think about is our posture. But the more you do it, the more it becomes second nature.

Focus on your core muscles when working out. Abs, back and sides are all important for holding your spine straight. The better in shape they are, the better your posture will be.

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