Introduction and History of Elevator Shoes for Men

Guys who follow the latest news in footwear know all about Elevator Shoes. These shoes are becoming increasingly popular among men who want the stature, confidence and opportunities that come from them. But if you haven't heard of them, you're probably wondering what the fuss is about. So lace up with our introduction to this modern way of standing out.

A Brief History of Lifting Shoes

Using footwear to make oneself taller is by no means a new phenomenon. The first notable instance goes back all the way back to medieval times. Star actors would often perform in raised shoes; this made them look more impressive on stage and also gave them more of a commanding presence.

There are several other prominent historical cases of being taller coinciding with contemporary style. In 16th-century Spain, many men sought out the new-fangled cowboy stylish boots that added an inch or two to their height, helping them to stand higher than their partner. In the 17th and 18th centuries, everyone from Persian horsemen to King Louis XIV of France wore heels to appear more intimidating and lord-like. And in the 1960s and 1970s, platform shoes were popular among men as part of disco and counter-culture style.

Elevator Shoes are the latest evolution of lifting footwear. While the exact origin of the style is disputed, it has taken off in recent years as men seek to become more confident and gain an advantage. That's not just opinion, more confident men get paid more, hold more executive positions and are more attractive to women.

So What Are Elevator Shoes?

Men's Elevator Shoes are basically a modern form of the high-heeled shoe that was once so popular among the aristocracy, lifting the wearer up anywhere from 2 to 5 inches. For the lower end of this scale, manufacturers can often just use a larger heel depending on the shoe style. But on shoes with bigger lifts, much of the height increase is hidden inside the shoe by added thickened sections, or wedges, to the heel area.

This discreet style helps men get the lift they want while remaining fashionable. Elevator Shoes allow men to look like they're wearing regular, stylish shoes so others don't know their secret. Wearing a longer pair of pants that cover the heel area complete the look by making their legs appear longer.

The best part about Elevator Shoes is that they can be adapted to many different styles. Dress shoes and boots are the most common elevator styles because they already have a high profile and external heels, which helps conceal the lifting components and gives you a more natural walk. High-top sneakers are good bets as well. Other shoe styles such as loafers, running shoes and sandals take a little more getting used to but offer the same benefits for casual occasions. You can also get lifting inserts to add to your current shoes if you only need a small boost. Any of these options will help you stand taller and make a great impression in all aspects of your life where you need to.


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