Best Lifestyle Shoes

As style evolves, form and function get more and more intertwined.

We've bee in in the shoe business for more than 20 years, and we love seeing lifestyle shoes emerge as a trend. Only a few years ago, it was a well-accepted fact that shoes could be either comfortable or fashionable. If you wanted to wear comfortable shoes to keep your feet fresh for a day of adventuring or errands, throw on your old sneakers. But if you wanted to impress, better put on the uncomfortable leather loafers.

Lifestyle shoes mix in the best of both worlds.

Featuring sharp, fashionable looks that are simultaneously modern and timeless, lifestyle shoes are comfy enough to handle an entire day of walking and more. The treads will grip any surface you traverse and the leather or canvas will match with either your ratty jeans or freshly pressed trousers.

At, we carry a wide variety of lifestyle shoes that also add inches to height. Made by makers such as CALDEN, TOTO and CALTO, they feature all the expert craftsmanship you'd expect from a normal shoe, yet hide clever ways to increase stature, boost posture and add lift.

Here are a few of the best lifestyle shoes that you can find at

The TOTO A018 is a sneaker that offers the trendy look of a skateboarding shoe. Featuring a cap toe and a neutral gray synthetic exterior, it offers almost 3 inches of lift in a relaxed yet refined appearance.

For a business-friendly look, the CALTO J98022 is perfect for a day at work or a night on the town. The combination of suede and pebble grain on the toe cover offers a classic look and the tread provides excellent grip and cushion for all-day comfort. Oh, don't forget about the extra 2.6 inches in height.

These TOTO A121312 Elevator Shoes combine Nubuck leather uppers with contrasting stitching for a unique look that we love. Offering almost 3 inches in extra lift, these shoes offer a relaxed elegance that will catch eyes.

The look of brown leather with jeans is timeless, and these CALTO T52713 casual boots offer that look with an extra 3.2 inches in height. They feature double stitching for longer life, which is good, because you'll want to wear these everywhere.


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