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CALTO Adjustable Height Insoles - 1.4 to 1.8 Inches - IK308

CALTO Adjustable Height Insoles - 1.4 to 1.8 Inches - IK308

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One Size Fits All
Men  6 - 12 US Women 7 - 13 US

Stand as tall as you want, thanks to our adjustable CALTO height insoles from Tall Men Shoes. These double-layer shoe inserts for height can be adjusted to add 1.4 inches or 1.8 inches to your stature. One size fits all with our versatile adjustable-height insoles, which will easily fit inside shoes that are U.S. women's sizes 7-13 or U.S. men's shoe sizes 6-12.

We can't think of an easier way to add height without anybody else knowing about it than with our trademarked CALTO adjustable-height shoe insoles for men and women. Because these are three-quarter height booster insoles, they take up less room in your shoes than full-length shoe insole inserts. This three-quarter size also accommodates more shoe styles.

You get to choose whether to add 1.8 inches or 1.4 inches to your height with these adjustable elevator-lift shoe insoles, which are easy to use: Simply replace your regular shoe insoles with these shoe two-part lift insoles. You can attach or detach the base/top insole (1.4 inches) and bottom insole (.4 inches) from one another depending on how much height you want.

Our CALTO inserts are lightweight and made with no-sweat mesh and an anti-odor upper. The ergonomic EVA injection-molded lower layer can handily accommodate higher arches.

The CALTO brand has been celebrated since 1999 for its contemporary men's shoe styles. Since CALTO is our in-house brand, we can offer the lowest prices on these premium height-lifting shoe insoles. We suggest easing into the height-adding style to be comfortable standing taller. If you want to start with a 1-inch lift, you can check out our full selection of shoe lift inserts.


  • Three-quarter length takes up less space in your shoe, which means a better fit with a variety of shoe sizes and styles.
  • Adjustable-height double layers. Adds 1.8 inches or 1.4 inches to your height.
  • Top (base) insole layer: 1.4 inch; bottom insole: .4 inches.
  • Discreet and unnoticeable once inside your shoes.
  • Made of lightweight, breathable, no-sweat mesh material, with an anti-odor upper insole layer.
  • Ergonomic EVA injection-molded lower.
  • Accommodates standard (D/medium) shoe widths.

Adjustable-Height Shoe Insole Tips:

  • Fits best in footwear with removable insoles; simply replace your insoles with ours.
  • Recommended for use with high-profile styles and other shoes with mid- to high-tops.
  • Not recommended for use with elevator shoes.
  • Ease your adjustment time to get used to standing in taller shoes.
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