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Breathable Comfort with One-Inch Lifting Shoe Inserts - IK206

Breathable Comfort with One-Inch Lifting Shoe Inserts - IK206

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Ever wanted to stand a little taller? See the world from a new perspective with versatile 1-inch full-length shoe lifts from Tall Men Shoes. These 1-inch height-increasing insoles are made with a lightweight and breathable foam material to add a full inch to your height. With a one-size-fits-all all approach, you can easily trim the insole to fit your favorite pair of shoes.

Slide these discreet full-foot lift inserts into almost any pair of high-profile shoes. That means you can add height quickly and easily without giving up your favorite boots or high-top sneakers and without investing in a pair of elevator shoes. Our 1-inch shoe lifts for men fit men's U.S. shoe sizes 6-12 and are trimmable so you can achieve your perfect fitment. Plus, height-increasing insoles are less of a commitment than elevator boots, so you can add these insoles or remove them from your shoes as you see fit.

Without the best materials and design, a pair of height-adjusting insoles can cause more problems than benefits. That's why at Tall Men Shoes, we only carry insoles made with superior craftsmanship. Our insoles won't just boost your height, but they'll add to your comfort level as well. The supportive heel and ergonomic design hug your foot in a way that helps you stand confidently.

Replace your existing insoles with these non-compressing height boosters. The full-length heel lifts are so light and comfortable that the only thing you'll notice is the confidence you've gained, whether you're wearing these versatile shoe risers at work, around the house or out on the town. Shop at Tall Men Shoes to receive benefits like express delivery, best price guarantees, easy returns and worldwide shopping. We specialize in offering the best height-increasing shoes and insoles available. Our ultra-comfortable shoe lifts are an inexpensive way to elevate your stature in a subtle but impactful way.


  • Adds 1 inch to height.
  • One size fits all (men's U.S. shoe sizes 6-12).
  • May require removing the original shoe insole to fit.
  • Easily trimmable.
  • Use the guide template beneath the insole to cut and customize fit.
  • Breathable upper.
  • Ultra-lightweight material.
  • Does not compress to provide the best elevation.
  • Fits regular shoes with a high top.
  • Use with elevator shoes is not recommended.


  • After you insert the insoles into the shoes, the shoe back (rear heel area) might not be high enough, as the insoles will take up more space in your shoe's interior. To help with this, ensure your shoes are "high profile," such as boots.
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