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CALTO Memory Foam Half-Inch Height Increase Elevator Shoe Lifts - 0.5 Inch - IK201

CALTO Memory Foam Half-Inch Height Increase Elevator Shoe Lifts - 0.5 Inch - IK201

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Small Medium Large
US Men Size 3 - 5 US Men Size 6 - 9 US Men Size 10 - 12
US Women Size 5 - 7 US Women Size 8 - 11 US Women Size 12 - 14


  • Top layer high density memory foam insole.
  • Conforms to your foot and allows for maximum comfort.
  • The bottom layer provides protection from all-day wear.  
  • Perforated which allows for better breathability.
  • Heel cushion provides better ground impact for your foot.
  • Helps relieve pressure points that may cause foot fatigue. 
  • Keep your height increase without compromising your foot�s comfort.
  • Enhance your walking experience with these comfort insoles.
  • Comfortable for all-day wear.
  • Durable top layer.  
  • Trim to fit into any shoe.
Easily Trimmable by Cutting To Your Exact Size!
Size L 30.5cm (US Men's Size 10-12 or Women's Size 12-14)
Size M 27cm (US Men's Size 6-9 or Women's Size 8-11)
Size S 23.5cm (US Men's Size 3-5 or Women's size 5-7)

It is highly recommended:
*If your shoes become too tight after inserting the insoles, please remove the factory insoles.
*Insoles should be replaced on a regular basis for better foot health.

Ideal for "High Profile" shoes such as a boot style or high top basketball sneakers.
Extreme low profile shoes may not fit. Insoles will takes more space from you shoes interior.
For best performance, always try out our well designed height Elevator Shoes. Use with Elevator Shoes is not recommended.

Were not sure who keeps telling people that height-increasing insoles have to be uncomfortable and clunky. These memory foam insoles elevate shoes by a half-inch, but youll feel like youre walking among the clouds, even after a long day of work.

Made to fit in mens and womens shoes, these shoe lift insoles are perforated for more breathability and have a heel cushion to control ground impact. They help relieve pressure points and keep your feet comfortable, all while adding a half-inch to your height.

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