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Whoever said that beauty is only skin-deep certainly meant well. But a good appearance goes a long way not just towards being perceived well by others, but also towards feeling better about yourself. By having the looks and style to make a good impression, you'll be more confident and ready to succeed. Here are some strategies for looking and feeling good whether you're 6' 4" or 5' 2".

  1. Stay True to Yourself
  2. Don't get caught up chasing the latest fashion trends or wearing what's "in". Everybody has their own style DNA which is shaped by both their personality and physical stature. Furthermore, people will recognize a fake when they see one. Embrace what makes you unique and concentrate on what looks great on you instead of on someone else.

  3. Wear Clothes That Fit
  4. There's a difference between clothing that's a little baggy and something that physically doesn't fit you. These oversized (or undersized) clothes make you look unkempt, apathetic and even na´ve. A good fit is a big part of looking and feeling good, even if that means having to go to specialty shops or a tailor. And definitely don't buy something in hopes of "growing into it" or as an incentive to lose weight; think about what fits now.

  5. Wear Clothes That Are Comfortable
  6. You could have a swank new outfit that looks amazing on you - but if it's too tight, doesn't have enough airflow or irritates your skin, then you're not going to feel good. This, in turn, will cause you to be distracted and seem less engaged. Choose sizes, fabrics and cuts wisely so you'll feel comfortable in your apparel.

  7. Understand What You're Dressing For
  8. Job interviews, casual Fridays, dinner with friends, date nights and other life events call for different wardrobes. You want to look appropriate for each one. You wouldn't wear a T-shirt and jeans to a job interview - but in some cases, a suit and tie might be over the top. Take the Goldilocks approach: aim for an outfit that's not too much or too little, but somewhere in the middle.

  9. Balance Your Visual Appearance
  10. Every garment you wear, as well as the way you wear them, affects how you look. For example, wearing a light top and dark bottom will shift visual attention upwards, while short sleeves make your arms look longer. Use these aspects to direct focus to the places you want it to be. You can also create a longer or slimmer look that is more flattering.

  11. Choose the Right Colors
  12. Different colors look best with certain physical characteristics - and your favorite color might not be the most flattering one for you to wear. Find colors that best match your skin tone, eye color and hair color. Certain colors generally match certain physical tones, but you'll still want to try them on to see what works best for you.

  13. Be Willing to Invest in Yourself
  14. A bargain-rack shirt or pants is fine if it's something that will actually look good on you. But don't buy and wear clothes just because they're a great deal. You'll look like exactly what you are: cheap. Focus on getting the clothes that are right for you; if something makes you look good and feel confident, then it was worth the price tag.