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IK105 - Detachable Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole - 5 CM | 2 INCH Taller

IK105 - Detachable Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole - 5 CM | 2 INCH Taller

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Save on Insole King height-increasing insoles from Add up to 2 inches to your height with these smartly designed men's elevator insoles. Wear one or two layers; the base layer of each height-increasing insole adds 1.5 inches to your height. A removable second layer will add another half inch, allowing you to stand 2 inches taller in your shoes.

With a pair of sharp scissors, you can easily custom fit these insole lifts using the sizing guide printed on the bottom of each insole. Choose size Small for men's U.S. shoe sizes 5.5 to 8. Choose size Large to accommodate U.S. men's shoe sizes 8.5 to 12. Then, simply cut to fit your foot size.

Standing Taller with Cleverly Designed Height Insoles

Insole King shoe inserts for height are ideal for adding just enough extra height to help you stand taller. Appearing taller in public certainly appears to be the habit of public figures like actors Tom Cruise (real height: 5 feet 7 inches) or Kit Harington (real height: 5 feet 8 inches), or entertainers like rapper Lil Uzi Vert (real height: 5 feet 4 inches). You can add height, too.

In addition to adding stature, fans of elevator shoes say that wearing them improves their posture and confidence. You can also add height while wearing your favorite shoes with a pair of Insole King height-adding insoles inside those shoes.

These insoles don't need air-cushioning gimmicks to give you a taller profile - just an ergonomic design and solid base. Whether you use the main layer for 1.5 inches in added height or add the removable extender for a 2-inch height increase, you'll feel the soft, firm support that will keep you comfortable on your feet. Research shows that when it comes to insoles, a solid base provides much greater stability, longevity and comfort than any gimmicks.

These insoles are also designed to be discreet. Once properly cut to your foot size, they disappear inside your footwear. They have a plain black upward-facing sole, so there is no indication that they are a separate brand from your shoe. All people will see is that you're standing taller and with more confidence.

Good-for-You Insoles

Insole King's highly durable polyurethane shoe insoles are made to increase your height with all the custom comfort and impact absorption you'd expect from memory foam. Perfect for all-day wear, these insoles are perfect for staying energetic and on your feet at work or during a brisk walk. These height-enhancement shoe inserts are also effective at relieving pressure points that can otherwise result in painful feet.

At, we help men just like you find a whole new world of footwear fashion and function. Superior craftsmanship is a must. Without the best materials and design, a pair of height-adjusting insoles can cause more problems than benefits. That's why the insoles we offer are the best.


  • Adds up to 2 inches (5 centimeters) to your height.
  • Discreet in-shoe insoles completely disappear inside your footwear once cut to fit your needs. There are no distinctive markings to indicate that your insole is a separate brand from your shoe.
  • Adjustable layers so you can choose your level of height adjustment. Base layer adds 1.5 inches; removable second layer adds another half inch.
  • Ergonomic design with a solid base.
  • Can be easily cut to fit using custom fit guide on bottom of insole.
  • Comfortable, breathable fit.
  • Choose Small (U.S. men's shoe sizes 5.5-8) or Large (U.S. men's shoe sizes 8.5-12).
  • Durable cushioned polyurethane construction.

Adjustable-Height Insole Tips:

  • It is best to wear these insoles with a shoe that is one size larger than your normal size to accommodate the extra layer.
  • Use of these insoles with elevator shoes is not recommended.
  • Double-check the heel of the shoe you'd like to use with the insole. If the heel rides too low, then a height-increasing insole might cause your shoes to slip off your feet. If that's the case, consider investing in a pair of our elevator shoes instead.

About Our Shoe Inserts to Make You Taller

Let's be honest: Taller people aren't inherently better, but being taller has advantages. From statistically higher pay and reportedly increased social status, to the ability to reach higher shelves, height can be an indicator of success in our daily lives.

But height is more than just a number of inches: Extra height can improve your posture and profile. The feel of lift in your heel goes all the way through the shoulders and head, helping you feel more confident and optimistic.

It's about more than just shoe insoles making you taller; they make you more yourself. Our custom-designed insoles are crafted with you in mind. Your abilities speak for themselves, and our insoles just help you stand out from the crowd. The world looks a little bit different with a couple of inches in height. It's a subtle difference that you can put to work for you.

At, superior craftsmanship is a must for us so that you get the height adjustment you want without any unintended problems or foot issues. Shop our classic and new styles today. At, we've been offering a wide range of height-boosting inserts and insoles as well as high-quality elevator shoes since 1999, and we've helped thousands of men and women stand with a little more height and a lot more confidence.

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