Elevator Workout Shoes

Wearing lifting shoes has long been a way for shorter men to add a few inches to their height. But for a long time, there was no viable option for guys who wanted to look taller while working out. High heels and platform shoes simply weren't stable enough to handle the more intense movements that come with running, jumping or lifting weights. Even when Elevator Shoes were first introduced, the selection was largely limited to dress shoes and boots. As a result, men who went to the gym or training center found themselves standing beneath the giants no matter how hard they worked.

Nowadays, though, elevator workout shoes are a legitimate option for men who want to feel more confident and look more impressive during their workout routine. Men's elevator sneakers and trainers from Tall Men Shoes look like a regular athletic shoe but have height-increasing technology built in. This adds anywhere from 2 to 5 inches of height so you can command a more towering presence while jogging through the park or doing a deadlift. And if nothing else, they'll help you reach the pull-up bar without having to jump.

Men's Elevator Shoes for working out come in a number of different styles, too. There are standard trainers that can be used for walking or light running. Height-increasing features have also been added to classic high-top and low-top sneakers that are commonly used for skateboarding. Tall Men Shoes and other elevator workout shoe companies also offer hiking shoes and even basketball-style shoes that are both workout-friendly and come in trendy style.

There is one important thing we should point out, though: these are "workout shoes", not "sport shoes". While elevator shoe technology has advanced greatly in recent years, they are still not recommended for high-level sports such as basketball, football and marathon running. Wearing them does alter the mechanics of how you walk and run; this can increase the risk of injury when doing these activities at high speeds for long periods. Besides, an elevator basketball shoe isn't going to improve your ability to hit a jump shot or make a good pass. (Spud Webb did become an NBA star at 5' 7", so there is still hope for short guys.)

Nonetheless, elevator workout shoes are ideal for weight training, getting on the elliptical, going biking, going golfing, or running short to medium distances. You'll look more impressive before you even do your first stretch by having a little extra height. And these shoes look exactly like regular workout shoes from the outside, so nobody at the gym or the course will know your secret. They also have many of the same features on the inside, such as breathable mesh uppers, padded collars, supportive midsoles and lightweight construction. This includes having the style you want. There are also plenty of elevator sneakers with splashy colors and bright patterns for people who love to let loose with their athletic footwear.

A good pair of height-increasing workout shoes helps you live the active lifestyle you're used to without letting your stature hold you back. You'll have the confidence of both being in great shape and standing tall - a 1-2 punch any man will love. Visit our athletic sneaker section to learn more about elevator shoe options.


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