Elevator Shoes as a Gift

Elevator Shoes can make an outstanding gift for the right guy in the right situation. Men who rely on elevator shoes can't have enough pairs, after all. But these unique shoes aren't a universal gift. Think about these things first:

Don't make elevator shoes a surprise: Make sure they already know what they are and intend to use them.

The perfect gift recipient is a man who already uses elevator shoes, and the men who wear them have varying heights. And the perfect giver is someone who knows that man closely, like a good friend or a significant other.

When both of you are on board about elevator shoes and understand exactly why he prefers wearing them, the gift becomes incredibly thoughtful and meaningful. Surprising someone you don't know very well on Christmas or a birthday with a present like this sends the wrong message, and can make the recipient feel worse.

Learn how much lift they prefer. Elevator Shoes aren't just for short guys, after all. It probably goes without saying that you need their shoe size, as well. Getting that kind of information might take some detective work for gift-giving, but if you've followed our advice in the first point, this shouldn't be hard to suss out.

Think about function, not form. A woman or fashionista might build an entire outfit around a dazzling pair of shoes, but most guys we know don't think about shoes that way. Men will most often express fashion with the shirt and tie - that means shoes are always made to blend, not stand out.

Does he need a pair of trainers? Dress shoes? Business casual? Boots? Fill in the gaps of his versatility.

Consider a different color of a favorite shoe. Ladies' shoes come in every color of the rainbow, but men's shoes have two major shades: black and brown. If he has a favorite pair in one shade, he'll love a duplicate pair in the other.

This is especially true for business casual and work situations. Having a single style of shoe available in two colors gives guys wardrobe flexibility and potentially doubles the life of both pairs of shoes.

Stick with quality. A poor pair of Elevator Shoes can cause damage in the long run. At TallMenShoes.com, we have more than 20 years of offering the best quality footwear. We feature brands such as CALTO, CALDEN and TOTO, which are known for their quality.


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