Do Elevator Shoes Offer Ankle Support?

One of the common misconceptions about men's elevator shoes is that they don't provide adequate ankle support, which is a falsehood in general terms but an absolute untruth when it comes to the CALTO, CALDEN and TOTO brands sold online by While we have all seen the occasional Hollywood starlet tumble off her six-inch spike heels in viral videos, the laws of physics not only explain why that may occur, but they also beg the question, "Why does it not occur more often?"

Tiny heels with diameters half the size of a dime have no business supporting the full weight of a grown woman, no matter how graceful or determined to stay upright she may be. That is an unfortunate burden our society has placed on the modern woman, but as men, that is not our cross to bear. Ankle support, foot support, arch support - shoes designed to enhance a man's height must possess them naturally because they are engineered no differently from any other men's shoe, at least not where the heel is concerned.

Women's high heels knowingly challenge earth's gravitational forces and our imaginations while Tall Men Shoes elevator shoes provide their lift not from a precariously crafted, very visible heel but instead from inside a perfectly sound, fully supportive, brilliantly designed and expertly manufactured men's shoe.

Much of the additional height, from as little as two inches to more than five inches, come from the elevated insoles inside each shoe, which are cushioned for comfort. Plus, they're sized to fit your entire foot for maximum ankle support in addition to bolstering your confidence, self-esteem, love life, career and any number of things they also do for our customers.

Depending on the style and make of the shoe, some additional height can be gained from the soles and the uppers, but Tall Men Shoes elevator shoes are emphatically not high-heeled shoes, which can famously lack ankle support by design and will sometimes even cause ankle pain. Elevator shoes from are neither the least bit wobbly nor do they sacrifice anything in terms of style and comfort. In fact, most of our customers find them to be exceedingly strong and supportive, extremely comfortable to wear and beyond the cutting edge in terms of fashion.

That said, there is a small part of the world's population that suffers from ankle pain. Shoes may or may not be the cause, depending on the individual case, but the right pair of shoes can definitely provide the solution. has the most impressive selection of specifically designed ankle-support shoes for men from all three of its top-of-the line elevator-shoe brands: CALTO, CALDEN and TOTO. It just depends on whether you intend to dance the night away at a formal occasion or nightclub, remain casual and comfortable while standing at a concert or performing a job, or take it to the hoop, hike up a mountain or something else athletic for which you want some additional support. Whatever your need, we have the right brand, style and size in our best-in-class inventory, and our live customer-service representatives are happy to walk you through every step of the process.


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