Do Elevator Shoes Hurt Your Feet?

One unfortunate misunderstanding about elevator shoes is that they are somehow less comfortable than other shoes, which is a ridiculous notion because the top brands rival any other shoe brand in terms of comfort, quality and style. But our society has been conditioned to believe that anything worth having requires some sort of sacrifice, or it's not really worth having. In a word, that's nonsense, especially when it comes to the most expertly engineered, finely crafted elevator-shoe brands CALTO, CALDEN and TOTO.

If you read what our customers have to say at, you will quickly learn why they continue to rely on us for all of their footwear needs. Just because our elevator shoes give clients something they've never had before, whether it's a few extra inches of height, the confidence and self-assuredness that goes along with it, a romantic connection or a career boost, no one among them has ever had to sacrifice quality, style or comfort in their footwear for it.

So when we hear questions like, "Will elevator shoes hurt my feet?" or misinformation about our brands of shoes, hurt feet, hurt toes, ankle pain, heel pain, or general foot pain, we know they come only from people who have never shopped at Our company prides itself on providing the highest level of comfort, top-of-the-line quality materials, design and craftsmanship, and only the latest, most popular styles of shoes. In fact, thousands of our customers, of whom we've proudly served more than 100,000 in 80 countries around the world, have told us as much in their online reviews.

While it may be true that some brands of elevator shoes hurt toes and can cause foot and heel pain, just as some brands of any type of shoes can, the products sold at simply and unequivocally will not hurt your feet. That said, we do understand that customers sometimes order the wrong size of shoe, which is one of the reasons we are so proud of our best-in-class customer service department and our client-friendly return/exchange policy.

Tall Men Shoes, the largest elevator-shoe retailer in North America, has real people working the phones and computer terminals to live chat in person about whatever questions you may have about sizes, styles or the ordering process itself. No other elevator shoe retailer offers this type of service, which is just one more reason why we are considered the height of excellence and efficiency in the marketplace. So if you're worried about foot pain, please see for yourself how comfortable and pain-free our products are. If you already have foot pain, that's all the more reason to try on a new pair of elevator shoes from


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