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Real talk here: Sometimes men are hypocritical about the obsession with appearance. We've heard plenty of dudes criticize women for being so harsh to each other about looks, then in the same breath bust their buddies' chops over the most petty things.

Worrying about our shortcomings is a type of abuse that both men and women inflict upon themselves daily. Any dude who listens to sports radio gets bombarded with talk about how superhuman athletes have physical shortcomings (delicious irony based on the shape of the people behind the microphones).

No matter what your height, confidence is a crucial component in navigating the world of professional and social interactions.

At TallMenShoes.com, we offer elevator shoes that give wearers extra height, sharper stature and better posture. However, men who feel like their height is a hurdle can jump over that with these fashion techniques:

Hooray for Hollywood: A lot of well-dressed actors and singers are not very tall, yet they appear to tower when on camera. That is created with some clever wardrobe techniques. Turn to some of your favorite personalities and keep an eye on how they dress.

Go dark with colors. Ideally, a monochrome scheme is best, but if you want to mix things up, keep your brighter colors above the waist.

That flash-on-the-top principle extends to accessories. Bolder things are better when they are closer to your head, so feel free to splurge with a pocket square or masculine neck chain. But watches and belt buckles should be more subtle and refined.

Tuck in your shirts. Fashion experts say your shirt should never extend past your hipbone. Crossing that line makes your legs look stubby.

Avoid short sleeves when possible. Obviously, T-shirts won't always accommodate this provision. But when shopping for button-downs, stay away from short sleeves, because they will shorten the appearance of your arms.

More things to avoid: Cuffed pants, horizontal stripes, wide pants, double-breasted suits and tweed pants. Instead, go for narrow legs in your pants, pinstripes, one-piece or single-breasted suits and lightweight fabrics.

Find a style confidante. Whether it's a best bud or your main squeeze, you need someone who is squarely in your corner and can tell you whether something is stylish or squeamish. They need to be able to offer criticism that you can take to heart.

definite dos

Dress to impress

If you think you're a dud when it comes to putting yourself together for a night out or for a day at the office, get on the style bandwagon and get to know what's in, what's out, and most importantly, what's you. Read up on the latest in men's magazines.

If you don't trust your taste while shopping, bring along a trusted male or female companion (preferably female; a woman will have more patience accompanying you in malls) for the fashion ride, to help you pick out garments and give you an honest opinion on what looks good and what looks awful.

Most importantly: make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you decide to purchase.

Take the necessary time to groom properly and style your hair in a flattering way, in order to show off your facial features.

Make yourself look taller

There are ways to make yourself look taller or at least flatter your height with the clothes you wear, along the same lines as wearing clothes to make yourself look thinner or larger.

Stay away from:

  • cuffed pants
  • horizontal stripes
  • wide pants
  • tweed pants
  • double-breasted suits

    Opt for:
  • straight leg pants (narrow legs)
  • pinstripes
  • lightweight fabrics for pants
  • one-piece suits
  • single-breasted suits
  • shoes with a bit of platform (if it's subtle)

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