What Shoes Should You Buy for Your Boyfriend?

Even if you've known someone for years, gift-giving can be hard. Shoes are no exception. Buying a pair of shoes for your boyfriend is a great way to show you care. After all, they're probably going to get a lot more use than a nice dinner or a movie ticket. But what shoes should you get for him - ones like he already owns, or a new style you think he needs? TallMenShoes.com has taken a look at both sides of this debate along with some other thoughts about shoe-shopping for your significant other.


Buying Shoes He Already Has

If your boyfriend's current pair of dress shoes, hiking boots, casual sneakers or loafers is looking worn out, the easiest thing to do is buy him a new pair exactly like them. Clearly, he must have liked them in order to wear them for that long, right? And you know they fit his foot shape at least reasonably well if he already owns them. You can also get a variation on what he currently owns. For example, get him a pair of walking shoes that are the same style as his current pair, but in a different color so they can go with other outfits.

But what if he was actually looking for something different with his next pair? Maybe the shoes wore out quicker than he wanted and he wanted to find something durable. Or perhaps he had gotten tired of a certain style or color and was ready for a new take. And you may have been so focused on what you thought he wanted that you missed what he actually wanted, such as some good slip-on's or a pair of sandals for the beach.

Buying New Shoe Styles

This is a riskier proposition, but one with much greater potential rewards. Guys absolutely love receiving the cap-toe oxfords they need to look professional at that new job or the winter boots to replace the pair that didn't survive the last snowstorm. And if you know he's had his eye on some trendy new sneakers or casual shoes, what better way to surprise him than with a gift-wrapped pair?

Of course, the big risk here is buying your boyfriend shoes that he isn't actually going to wear. It could be that those new shoes are actually too narrow, wide, short or long for his feet based on the manufacturer, or they might be the wrong color for his outfits. And it might be that he doesn't own a pair of wing-tips because he doesn't actually need or want them. There's nothing more awkward than a gift that gets him thinking you're trying to "make him change".

Final Shoe Thoughts

A good pair of formal dress shoes or casual shoes is usually a safe bet when shoe-shopping. Beyond that, as with many things in a relationship, communication is everything. You don't have to come right out and say that you want to buy your boyfriend new shoes. But try and find out what he likes and what sizes he wears through observation, conversation and his own comments. You'll be on your way to the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.


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