How to look taller by men height increasing elevator shoes

Mens Elevator Shoes can secretly increase a mans height. Men are conscious about their appearance just like women, but in different ways. Men are more concerned about their height than women because a taller man attracts more attention from the opposite sex. Women can wear high heels openly to increase their height, but there are no high heel shoes for men. Not to worry, mens Elevator Shoes look like regular leather dress shoes but are secretly designed to increase your height up to several inches.

Mens Elevator Shoes come in all shapes and styles. They come in tennis shoes, dress shoes and boots. These shoes can add up to 4 inches in height for you. Be sure to pick a pair of pants with the right length for these shoes. Make sure the pants will cover up the heel of your shoes for the illusion of longer legs and appear taller overall. (see link below for a couple of high quality elevator shoes)

Mens Elevator Shoes can be very discrete when you look at it from the outside. It just looks like normal shoes. However, it is the high heels for man that easily adds inches to your actual height without revealing anything about your real height.

In addition to wearing mens Elevator Shoes, you should also use hairstyle to make you appear taller. Choose a short hairstyle that emphasizes the crown and add will inches to your actual height.


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