What are lifts for shoes?

What are lifts for shoes?

Because height is one of the factors used to judge men at a glance, guys all around the world who think they are shorter than they need to be are looking for a way to boost their stature any way possible.

They don't immediately turn to Elevator Shoes, however, because those have a reputation for being a clonky, heavy slog of a shoe that only Frankenstein's monster would wear. Shoe lifts are a solution that can help you see the reality behind how that height boost works. A stop gap between regular shoes and elevator shoes, shoe lifts help add usually up to an inch and a half of height. But how do they do that?

What Are Lifts for Shoes?

In a nutshell, a shoe lift is an extra layer of insole that is thicker at the heel. When inserted into a normal pair of shoes, the lift helps increase your height by standing you more on your toes no matter what shoes you choose to wear. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as memory foam, and can also add cushion and impact absorption.

So, how common are they? Much more than you might think. Hollywood is filled with famous short men who make sure those expensive, fashionable shoes they wear on the red carpet boost their height.

But shoe lifts are not the best option for every pair of shoes. Some things to watch out for:

  • Low heel height. If your shoes have a low profile at the heel, the lift may push your heel up to a point where the shoe will not stay on your feet.
  • Too much lift. If you are looking for two inches or more of lift, an insole is not going to be your best option, because of the previous reason.
  • Sandals. The point of a lift is to keep it hidden, but sandals feature plenty of windows that can reveal your secret (unless you buy elevator shoe sandals).
  • Running shoes or athletic trainers. Those types of shoes are built for performance. A lift may not sit properly inside the shoe, causing ankle rolls or other injuries.

With that in mind, browse our selection of lifts and height-increasing insoles for the inserts that are right for you. You'll easily find the perfect option for your favorite pair of shoes, and you'll love the boost in confidence that comes with a bit of extra height.


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