How do Elevator Shoes Work?

How do Elevator Shoes Work?

Elevator shoes have been boosting the confidence of men for generations; however, some people are confused on how exactly they accomplish this. Their simple yet genius design is the perfect way for men to get the mindset change that comes with being even just slightly taller. Let's discuss how this effect is achieved below.

Elevator Shoes Technology

The technology behind elevator shoes is quite simple. Instead of having a completely hollow area inside the shoe, a height increasing layer is built-in at the bottom. This layer will add a few inches to the wearer's height, acting as a sort of manly high-heel. Insertable shoe lifts are another way to achieve this effect. The height-increasing layer also creates a non-flat surface that may seem confusing to some at first. Because of this, elevator shoes often come with a break-in time. However, the positive benefits that elevator shoes onset are well worth the short break-in period that comes with the uneven surface. These benefits will be discussed below.

The Positive Effects of Elevator Shoes

There are numerous benefits that come with wearing elevator shoes. Firstly, elevator shoes give the wearer a slight boost to their height, which can onset slight to massive increases in confidence. Men who aren't subconsciously thinking about their height will be worrying less, and therefore be more confident and attractive to their peers.

Certain sized elevator shoes will add a very subtle increase to the wearer's height, allowing them to feel the confidence boost without friends and family noticing a difference. This can be a game-changer for those who do not want others to know that they are wearing elevator shoes. The mindset shift that can come with not worrying about height discrepancies can be life-changing in some instances, allowing the wearer to say and do things that they previously wouldn't have.

Shop Tall Men Shoes' Elevator Shoes

After learning about how elevator shoes work and all of their potential positive benefits, its about time you purchased a pair of your own. Whether you're looking for a formal, casual or athletic-styled elevator shoe, Tall Men Shoes has you covered.

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As the largest elevator shoe retailer in North America, Tall Men Shoes prides themselves in their products, services and customer support. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our elevator shoes or related services, don't hesitate to contact us. Our staff are experts regarding the technology and benefits of elevator shoes, and would love nothing more than to help you find the elevator shoe for you.

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