Does it matter what pants I wear with my elevator shoes?

Does it matter what pants I wear with elevator shoes -

You have made the decision to go ahead and increase your height, improve your posture and boost your confidence by wearing a pair of Elevator Shoes. Now you may be wondering: Does it matter what pants to wear with Elevator Shoes?

Yes, it does, and in more ways than one.

As with any type of footwear, your choice of pants first and foremost will depend on the type of shoes you are wearing. Style matters, and it depends on the social situation. A pair of jeans would go great with a pair of athletic shoes, for instance, but would look silly with a pair of formal tuxedo shoes, just as a pair of brown business Oxfords would look absurd if you were wearing shorts.

Likewise, for any kind of shoes, you will also want to make sure the color of your pants matches that of your shoes, or at least agrees with them. Charcoal pants for business attire, for instance, will go better with black or dark shoes than with brown or tan ones. Women, in particular, can be sensitive to clashing colors vs. matching colors. So if you want to rise in the esteem of that beautiful lass youve had your eye on for some time, proper color coordination for your Elevator Shoes and pants is crucial.

Elevator Shoes add another wrinkle to the style game. Because mens shoes that add height are built up at the heel to boost your stature, the backs of these shoes tend to be a little higher than standard, off-the-shelf shoes. That means your pants will tend to ride up a bit, whether you are wearing elevator sneakers, shoes, boots or other footwear.

The correct solution for dealing with this situation is to wear longer pants. The exact amount of extra length will differ according to the type of elevator boots or shoes you are wearing, of course, but in general, an increase of 1 to 2 inches in your pants leg should suffice. This simple change will make your height-increasing shoes all but unnoticeable to those around you. At the same time, longer pants will make your legs appear longer, making you seem even more elegant. And a stylish, elegant look is bound to pay off in all facets of life, from advancement at work to success with the opposite sex.

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