5 Outdoor Activities for Elevator Shoes (focus on dates)

Unlike some other potentially anxiety-inducing activities, dating provides us with a certain amount of control over how much enjoyment we can gain from it. Most of it comes down to our attitudes - our confidence in particular - and much of that is dependent on planning and preparation. To that end, we have provided the following fun date ideas designed to produce enjoyment as well as opportunities to wear an array of casual and active styles of elevator shoes confidently and comfortably.

1. Enjoy the Arts - Attend an outdoor art fair, concert, play or movie

Walking and talking under the sun or stars at a local art fair can be a far more enjoyable, casual activity than playing 20 questions with someone you may hardly know in the darkest, quietest corner of a restaurant. The same goes for a low-key classical concert in the park - avoid stadium rock shows and weekend music festivals for the first few dates at least - or go for an outdoor play or even an outdoor movie, which is all the rage now.

Elevator-shoe options: Keep it simple and casual with CALTO or TOTO brand leather sandals, any style of sneakers except high-tops, or something slightly dressier in leather or suede if it's after dark.

2. Eat, Drink and Be Merry - Go to a food festival, a street fair or a farmer's market

These options may give you an even better chance to converse than some of the ones mentioned above, and again without the pressure of a traditional dinner date. One word to the wise, however: try to do a little homework first, as you don't want to bring a vegan to a barbecue competition or a date who's deathly allergic to shellfish to a lobster boil.

Elevator-shoe options: Same as above, simple and casual, and also focus on comfort as you may be walking or standing for most of the date.

3. Commune with Nature - Go for a hike, to a botanical garden, apple or berry picking

Each of these suggestions is an especially good idea for first-date, introductory activities. Walking and talking outdoors comes much more naturally than interrogations in confined spaces, and both of you will find yourselves much more at ease surrounded by whatever natural beauty you choose.

Elevator-shoe options: CALDEN has several stylish but seriously sturdy hiking boots, and CALTO's wide selection of trail shoes and sneakers have you covered for anything less rugged.

4. Go for a Ride - Visit an amusement park, a carnival or a boardwalk

Unless, of course, either you or your date have a real phobia of roller coasters and carnival rides. But even so, just taking in the scene and people-watching will give you both plenty to talk about, and the slower rides can be very romantic if sparks are flying.

Elevator-shoe options: TOTO and CALTO sandals or sneakers, depending on which you prefer for walking.

5. Game On - Go to an outdoor arcade, a driving range, go-kart riding, mini-golf or the batting cages

Not only are all these ideas for dates undeniably fun, casual and inexpensive, you can also make a great first impression if you happen to possess a skill for any of these activities.

Elevator-shoe options: Dressier sneakers and athletic shoes from CALTO or TOTO will work well for any of these.


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