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T101 - TOTO 1.3 CM | 0.5 INCH Taller Height Enhanced Comfort Insole

T101 - TOTO 1.3 CM | 0.5 INCH Taller Height Enhanced Comfort Insole

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  • This product features a highly warm material on the top and a double sided mesh fiber plastic-coated wire at the bottom
  • Provide 1/2 inch height increase as well as comfort cushioning. Best for low profile shoes (Loafer, slipper, oxford etc.)
  • For walking and sports, it provides super permeability and is an excellent vibration absorber
  • Uniquely made material which has a decent style, is very comfortable, and has a very good effect of keeping warm also
  • Washable material that can be washed if it gets dirty
  • Able to trim for best fitting
  • Recommend for occasional use, for best performance always try our well designed height increase shoes

When women choose a shoe with a higher heel, the difference can be clearly seen and so can the effect of that heel on her comfort. By the end of the day, those shoes get kicked off immediately.

Thats not the case for you. These TOTO Enhanced Comfort Insoles give you an extra half-inch of height without sacrificing comfort. Its combination of material on the top layer and a double mesh fiber plastic coated wire at the bottom is excellent at absorbing impacts for all-day comfort. These are also excellent at keeping cold feet warm.
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