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High-Arch Mid-Sole Supporting Shoe Lifts - 1.5 Inches - IK208

High-Arch Mid-Sole Supporting Shoe Lifts - 1.5 Inches - IK208

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Add 1.5 inches to your height with these lifts for men's high arch shoes from

Added Height and Comfort

If you are worried that high arches will keep you from using shoe lifts, this pair of shoe lifts addresses your concerns. These 1.5-inch shoe inserts for high arches are just the right firmness, so they won't put unneeded pressure on your feet. And three-quarter-length height-increasing insoles will fit in more types of footwear than full-length.

They even have semi-adhesive bottom heel inserts to keep the insoles from sliding inside your shoe. Add them to your shoes or boots, and feel your confidence grow. These lifts turn your shoes into high-arch shoes with a hidden, height-boosting secret. Shoes for high arches can be difficult to find, but these lifts let you transform most of your favorite pairs. These also are a great way to try height boosts in your shoes before investing in one of our high-quality pairs of elevator shoes.

If you always wished you were just a little taller, this insole is something to check out. The IK208 high-arch midsole support insole for men offers you the option to give yourself a boost.

The height-increase insole is designed for ultimate comfort and is styled to work in any high-top-style shoe or boot. These shoe lifts give you the extra height you need for confidence every day.


  • Semi-adhesive back bottom inside heel (red part).
  • One size fits most.
  • No trimming needed to fit inside your shoe.
  • High-arch support.
  • Breathable mesh upper material.
  • Shock absorbent.
  • Lightweight synthetic bottom layer.
  • Not recommended for use in elevator shoes.
  • High-profile shoes, such as boots, are preferred for a better fit.
  • Note that high-arch shoe inserts take up more space inside your shoe.

For use with regular shoes:

  • After you insert the insole into the shoes, the shoe back (Rear Heel Area) may not be high enough to hold your foot.
  • Your shoes become easy to slip off when you walk. Please make sure your shoes are "High Profile" such as a boot style.
  • Insoles will take up more space from your shoe's interior.
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