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Height-Increasing Elevator Insert Half Insole Lifts - 0.5 Inch - CALTO IK108

Height-Increasing Elevator Insert Half Insole Lifts - 0.5 Inch - CALTO IK108

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When all you need is to be slightly taller, see our universal men's half-inch insole lifts from These ultra-comfortable EVA foam insoles, when slipped inside any men's shoes, will instantly, effortlessly add half an inch to your height.

These affordable men's lift insoles also cushion your feet. The low-profile, no-slip design means your height-raising insoles stay in place and unseen inside your shoe. Slip these multi-purpose insoles inside loafers, sneakers, dress shoes or hiking boots.

We'd never ask you to give up your favorite shoes. Whether you chose them for comfort, support or style, you chose them for a reason, and took more than your share of steps in them.

This half-inch shoe lift insole is made to fit inside your favorite shoes and give you an extra bit of height. There's no need to buy expensive elevator shoes, because these cleverly designed insoles turn your favorite shoe into your favorite elevator shoe.

You'll love the way the world looks with that extra height, and this one-size-fits-all insole is crafted to help you stay on your feet all day without strain or discomfort.

Pick up our half-inch elevator insoles for men available in our economical two-pair pack. The height-increase insoles for men's shoes are optimized to offer you comfort all day.


  • Universal style: One size fits all.
  • Intelligent design: Our low-profile height-increasing insole occupies very little room in your shoe compared to high-profile insoles, providing compatibility with almost every shoe styles.
  • Lightweight: Machine crafted with high-density EVA foam, a strong yet lightweight material. Each pair weighs less than 20 grams. (By comparison, a lightbulb weights 34 grams.)
  • Two per pack: Our two-pair pack offers exceptional value, because we want you to get the best bang for your buck.
  • Skip-resistant top inside layer: Prevent your feet from sliding around inside your shoe.
  • Relieve common foot ailments: These premium foam insoles with extra cushioning will better cushion plantar fasciitis and other foot ailments.
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