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New Elevator Shoes offers the latest shoe trends and fashions with inches of extra height in the newest Elevator Shoes on the market.
Fashion doesn't sleep. Like ocean waves hitting the beach, clothing designers never stop working to come up with new twists on traditional looks. The latest trend can be retro, revolutionary or a retread. There's only one thing each wave of new looks has in common: There's another wave right behind it.
Since 1999, has been watching these waves and seeing what sinks or swims. Once we spot those great looks, we incorporate them with our cutting-edge height-increasing technology to offer you the latest styles. That means you don't have to sacrifice looks for an advantage in height.
Our newest tall men's shoes from our CALTO, TOTO and CALDEN lines reflect all the latest looks and traditional styles:
• Casual styles. This category is where we really stand out from the crowd. Our collection of casual loafers, walkers, drivers and more are made to not just blend, but stand out and command attention. Perfect for a wide variety of events from a work day to a date night, you'll find outstanding pairs of elevator shoes that go well with anything from well-worn jeans to tailored trousers, and even cargo pants.
• Dress and formal styles. We know our Oxfords from our Derbys. From open-faced, patent leather shoes for your tux to elegant, sumptuous options, our dress shoes offer all-day comfort while boosting your height anywhere from 1 to almost 4 inches.
• Boots. Thanks to boots' thicker heels and treads, our height-increasing boots allow you to gain up to 5 inches. However, not every boot looks like the uniform for a punk rock concert. You'll be amazed at all the styles of boots we offer, including dress and formal boots.
• Sneakers. Why give up your height advantage on your sneaker days? Our line of sneakers let you enjoy all the comfort sneakers offer, without losing the extra stature.
• Sandals. Yes, even sandals can be equipped with height increases that people will never see.
No matter what kind of elevator shoe you need, you'll find a perfect option at