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Height Increase Insoles | Accessories

Hundreds of unnecessary illnesses can be avoided by taking better care of our feet.  The foot is traditionally called "the second heart of the human body" in TCM.  There are 8 major points and 24 reflective zones on the soles of your feet that can directly affect the function and circulation of your organs.  Poor balance, uncomfortable pressure, and pro-fungal dampness can be remedied with the right insoles

If the foot of a person is like roots to a tree,  the stronger the roots the healthier and stronger the tree.  Our feet are often neglected and forgotten.  In reality they handle a heavy burden, and we often take them for granted.  Imagine having to carry your average body weight daily for hours on end. This is a large burden no one wants to endure, yet our feet do it daily.

Let us be aware of what our feet must endure and begin to take better care of our feet.  In order to do this, we not only need a good and comfortable pair of shoes, but also a good pair of insoles for our overworked feet.

Calden Shoes and Insoles provides the best of both worlds to you at a reasonable price. Calden realizes each individual person has his/her own individual needs.  We are proud to offer a full line of shoes and comfort insoles for a variety of individuals.  You and your feet can now enjoy the comfort and quality of our performance.  Take the time to make your feet healthy and comfortable.  You will be glad you did your feet the favor at the end of the day. is known for our Elevator Shoes that add 2-5 inches of height for guys tired of being lost in the crowd. But what if you only need a small increase? That’s where CALDEN Shoes and Insoles come in. In addition to their boots, sandals and dress shoes that make you taller, our CALDEN brand includes a line of elevator shoe lifts and comfort inserts that provide a minor boost. Just as importantly, these insoles help provide the support and balance you need for better overall body function. Add them to your existing footwear or a pair of our Elevator Shoes to improve your performance in all parts of life.

The insole of a shoe is the key to staying on your feet all day. The right inserts reduce the pressure and burden on your feet, which helps you move better. In turn, this reduces the risk of injuries, illnesses and other help problems associated with poor footwear. CALDEN height-enhancing shoe insoles use materials that conform to your foot while also helping keep it pointed in the right direction. Order full- or half-sole elevator inserts for men and women that will retain your height boost over time. With memory foam insoles, massaging insoles, gel insoles, breathable inserts and high-arch inserts, there’s something for every foot type.

Height-increasing insoles won’t add the 5 inches you might get from a full-fledged elevator shoe. But depending on the model, you can count on an increase of ˝-inch to 1.5 inches as long as your shoes have space for them. Use detachable lift insoles and you can customize the boost to your needs. has the right shoe accessories for comfort, health and confidence to have you walking or running for years to come. Contact our California-based customer service team if you have questions — we’d love to count you among our 100,000-plus satisfied customers!